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If shd. He Speak to my ex ?

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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 153

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 12:41 pm    Post subject: If shd. He Speak to my ex ? Reply with quote

I am having trouble with my ex manipulating kids, and even encouraging them to lie at me. It is just two days ago when I found out he once again told my son to lie at me. I feel desperate and quite angry because me and kids argue when we have no problems at all.

I can not stop ex doing what he is doing i.e. Not only he has narsistic traits, he wld. Never understand and listen to what I had to say The only solution I can find is asking my aunt's husband to speak to him so that ex stops maniplulating kids and stopping asking them to lie at me.

Here is the chart for the question if my aunt's husband shd speak to ex.

L1 : me
L7 : ex
L 11 : my aunt (3rd from the 10th )
L6 : my aunt's husband ( 7th from the 11th )
L3 : communication

Moon is ruling ex's 12th . House so that the delusion/ manipulation/ lies have power over the kids ( mercury in Taurus ). Sun receives ruler of 12th in his exaltation i.e. This is what he is. He gets what he wants by manipulating and by being deceptive.

Sun, ex, has just moved from exaltation of Moon into Gemine where he is peregrine , not aspecting any planets and at the bottom of chart - he is as if he does not know what he is doing, and he is weak in the situtation.

Saturn, me, does not have much power by being rx and in 11th. Although, I am in a better place then ex, so overwhelmed by manipulation/ deception-(Jupiter exalts Saturn), I become powerless, weak to take any action ( Moon pregrine, and in the 2nd - I am an angry Moon and dominated by Sun ) .The past aspect between Saturn and Mercury shows how me and my son had hard time over that lie ( reverse reception from mercury to saturn, and mercury in fall of saturn ). I think Saturn - Mars oppostion is to say my thinking of moving to a distant city so that I can prevent manipulation/ lies at to some extent.

Moon, my aunt's husband, peregrine and stuck in the 2nd house, does not have any power at all. Moon opposes Jupiter, then conjucts Venus. Venus, the ruler of 3rd, seems to have some kind of power over Sun, by being in ex's exaltation. However, Venus is not good shape by being in its detriment and by being in the 2nd. House. Both, Moon and Venus in the fall of Saturn, neither Moon nor Venus will be enough support for me. So, no help if my aunt's husband speaks to ex. It is as if ex will listen to what Moon says, but he will keep on what he is doing.
SN in the 1st shd be echoing if my aunt's husband ever speaks to ex, it wld. Be at my disadvantage, and to his beneficial (TN in the 7th ).
Also, AC -DC axis in fixed signs - even he speaks to ex, things will stay the same , he will not stop ?
So, I'd better forget asking my aunt's husband to speak to ex.

However, I still need help on two matters. One is that if that chart reveals any help as to how I prevent my kids from being manipulated and deceived . Secondly, I notice MC conjucts Antares, and IC conjucts Aldebran - I can not predict them at all.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 02 Apr 2015
Posts: 205

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 8:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The main problem here is that the Moon exalts the Sun. So the ex has power over the Moon. The aun't husband cannot change his mind.

The Sun is in a Mercury sign. That hints at his "lying" frame of mind.

The Sun is on Alcyone. That can mean one or both of two things: a favorable outcome is not expected from the Sun or whatever the Sun is up to will backfire.

The Moon is going to translate light from the Sun to Jupiter and then the Sun is going to trine Jupiter with negative mutual reception. Whatever this signifies will upset the Sun at the very least.

So, I don't think the "aunt's husband plan" is a good idea.

The only planet in a favorable position here is Mercury, as it has power over the Sun and exalts the Moon, you. But I have no idea what or who Mercury could be, besides the child.

A technical comment: house 3 has no beaing on these types of questions. Communication is built into the context, it is not a separate entity that needs evaluation. What matters is how the people involved interact with each other and that is given mainly by receptions.
Felipe Oliveira
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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 153

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Felipe,

Hope you are doing fine.

I listened to what you had to say to me, and I did not ask my aunt's husband to speak to ex at that time.

I have long thought about Mercury that exalting me and I have come to conclusion that it is the case he opened against me which ended on my behalf .(Next day I erected the chart, it was the last session of the court and if you cld remember judge rejected the case )

Since he lost the case, he does not stop Felipe, he just does not stop and tries to provoke me.

With regards to your comment about Sun sitting on Algol - you are right that a favorable outcome can not be expected from such a soul - but also as you say if he is up to something that will backfire him - cld. it be that his provoking me ? I am looking at the chart, and I do not see any clue for this if it is there.

I am so afraid of him, Felipe. Not only that he has "lying" frame of my mind, but he is full of revenge i.e. It was me who wanted to get divorced, he wld. Never thought that I wld. End up this way.

I was feeling so desperate by the time I asked the question. If I asked husband to speak to ex at that time, it might not be a great help. But, ex did such a thing at begining june that all family members even husband got so frustared. I cld, hardly stop husband to speak to him. Now that, I believe - at least I hope - husband has seen ex's real face - I have not told him yet what ex did today.

Thanks so much bringing my attention Moon's exalting Sun. It was totally out of my attention. I wld have done something at wrong time.

P.s. I noted the techinical comment. Thx for that also.
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