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Horoscope Isaac Newton.

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A. H. Cats

Joined: 08 Aug 2011
Posts: 148

Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 11:11 pm    Post subject: Horoscope Isaac Newton. Reply with quote

I rectified the time of birth of Isaac Newton as 2h3m30,5s local time; gmt 2h6m01,5s.
52.48.33,0 n; 00.37.50,0 w; Woolstorpe Manor.
25 December 1642 Julian calendar.

Ascendant 1 degree Scorpio; MC 12 degrees Leo, which is square MC Einstein 12 degrees Pisces

Moon 3 degrees Cancer ruler Ninth house, which cusp is also 3 degrees Cancer.

Pluto ruler Ascendant 3 degrees Gemini in Eight house.

At the next meeting of the council, on 2 June 1686, it was again ordered "that Mr Newton's book be printed," but, instead of sanctioning the resolution of the general meeting to print it at their charge, they added "that Mr Halley undertake the business of looking after it, and printing it at his own charge, which he engaged to do."

Progressive aspects:

2-Jun-1686 002°,40'48 Capricornus C--2 180 Moon
2-Jun-1686 028°,51'36 Aquarius Ven * FOMALHAUT (VENUS - MERC )
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Joined: 08 May 2014
Posts: 1
Location: India

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thats why he is a great scientist
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Michael Sternbach

Joined: 01 Mar 2014
Posts: 564
Location: Switzerland

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi A. H. Cats,

Thanks for sharing your rectified birth data of another universal genius in history:

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

The chart resulting from your rectification makes a lot of sense not only regarding biographical stations but also in light of what is known about this man's personality.

Specifically, it gives Newton a Scorpio ASC rather than Libra rising which he would have according to the Astrodienst databank (the data is only rated C, anyway).

One thing for sure, Newton was notoriously known to be a very private and reclusive person – he was far from being a charming and cheerful entertainer-type!

The atlas doesn't have Woolsthorpe available so I use the nearby Grantham. A check-up with my desktop astro-software shows that this will alter the positions of the ASC/MC by around one measly arc minute, really negligible for my purposes here.

Scorpio rising is symbolical of this man being one of the greatest researcher into nature's secrets. Most of all, and still little known, he was an enthusiastic follower of the “black art” of transmutation: Alchemy!

Like her sister astrology, alchemy is also seen as a Uranian art. Uranus is in Newton's first house, standing exalted in Scorpio. The thinking behind this planet's exaltation in Scorpio is that Uranus transforms the more base energies inherent to this sign to sublime levels.

However, Newton kept his tireless pursuit for the Philosophers' Stone quite hidden. He would not publish anything on the subject, nor would he invite his rare visitors to take a look at his laboratory (as his colleague Robert Boyle enjoyed to do). Dispositor Pluto in 8th represents this secrecy.

Since Newton had become celebrated as icon for the triumph of science and rational enlightenment over the dark ages of superstitious occultist views, the academic world was quite shocked, really, when in 1936 Newton's unpublished manuscripts surfaced. Besides alchemy, they treat a number of other occult subjects as well. It became obvious that Newton's occult research far outweighed his modernistic scientific endeavours by time and effort spent. Moreover, some of his revolutionary concepts in physics seem to have been inspired by alchemical sources.

Intriguingly, online release of Newton's alchemical manuscripts as well as reproductions of his laboratory experiments are currently accomplished by some universities:

Newton also studied the Bible in search for scientific/occult secrets. Like other Renaissance thinkers, he believed that once humanity was in command of a far greater knowledge – long, long ago, in the time before the Delude. And he saw himself as the last in a tradition of treasurers of this occult knowledge (or what of it was recoverable from time immemorial)! – Moon in her domicile, the archaically and archaeologically inclined sign Cancer, and in the 9th house of higher knowledge, I think, illustrates this major motivating force in Newton's life beautifully. She is applying to Pluto, and forms a very exact semisextile with the latter, who stands investigating in knowledge-hungry Gemini, and in the house of the occult!

All in all, if we contrast this nativity with the charts of Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Christiaan Huygens – the scientific luminaries we recently talked about on my “10th Equal house cusp verses MC” thread,

Newton's chart seems to be a little heavier on the mystical side!

Of course, several of Newton's “occult” constellations can at once stand for his rigorously scientific achievements. Newton himself would hardly have seen a difference here!

The Sun in Capricorn in 3rd, this characterizes Newton as a really meticulous thinker and experimenter both in natural sciences and in the occult sciences. He receives inspiration and intuition via a sextile from Uranus. Jupiter in one of his domiciles Pisces contributes his universal outlook by another sextile, and in the same manner (albeit not drawn in the chart) does the Sun's ruler Saturn lend discipline and structure to this dynamic personality. – These planets form a nice triangle, or an aspect pattern called “dragon's head” by B. A. Mertz, in the chart.

Of course, Newton is still known best for his ground breaking discoveries in physics, regarding gravity, light, and movement. In correlation with this, he also exhibited great mathematical skills. I.e., he was one of the inventors of calculus, independently from Leibniz – characteristically, he didn't care to publish it for a long time, leading to a debate about priority.

Having the charts of those other great scientists we talked about still on my mind, I would expect to see Newton's Mercury a little more strongly positioned; this planet is in his exile in Sagittarius, and in a succedent house. Alright, he does receive a square from a well-placed Jupiter ruling him, and a more exact one from Saturn. Sagittarian and Piscean rulers Jupiter and Neptune being in mutual reception may lessen the difficulties generally associated with these aspects.

But considering all the foregoing, was Newton really the mechanistic thinker later science celebrated him as?

It would seem that the potential harshness of these aspects did get to him late in his life, when he suffered from mental derangement. Quite possibly, due to inhaling quicksilver (mercury!) vapours continuously in his laboratory work.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that Newton was born under is certainly significant. In Johannes Kepler's belief, it was this conjunction, occurring likewise in Pieces at the time, which guided the wise men through the desert in the year 7 BC as the Star of Bethlehem. There are considerable doubts to the historical feasibility of this (for one thing, the wise men must have had really poor sight in order to see the two planets standing degrees from each other as one “star”). But it is symbolically interesting, nevertheless. Even if we are not to compare Newton with the Avatar of the Pisces age, he was the outstanding Avatar for our modern age of science and rationalism.

German chemist and alchemist Helmut Gebelein (in his great monograph “Alchemie – Die Magie des Stofflichen”) believes that Newton, in regard of all the talent and dedication he brought with him, perhaps didn't arrive at the Philosophers' Stone only because he didn't have a soror mystica, or female companion assisting him in the Great Work (which is all about polarity and its transcendence, on the physical and metaphysical levels). Much like Tesla, Newton was never married, or known to have a relationship with the opposite sex. His Ascending Node in Libra is in 12th, so presumably he was meant to live in relative seclusion, devoted to contemplation of nature's harmonies.

We find dispositor Venus in 4th and in Aquarius, together with the house cusp and the IC. Uranus is ruling them all; and he is in opposition to Mars in exile in 7th!

Newton's childhood is said to have been not very happy. Here we find the astrological root of the disruptions in his early years. He was a half-orphan; his father died before Isaac's birth. Isaac's mother left the boy in the care of his grandparents when she remarried a little later. Venus in 4th can be seen as symbolizing one's mother, according to Morin. Besides catching a rather friendly trine from the Moon, she is at the receiving end of a T-cross involving Neptune and Pluto. Possibly, these early experiences Isaac made with his mother later tainted his relationships to women.

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