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10th Equal house cusp verses MC
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Michael Sternbach

Joined: 01 Mar 2014
Posts: 564
Location: Switzerland

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 5:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Christiaan Huygens - another great name in the colorful history of science.

His chart bears some interesting parallels to Einstein's (as James observed before), and also to Nikola Tesla's!

There is - central to it - a symmetrical Yod-like figure connecting Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto on one end, with Saturn, Neptune, and the Nonagesimal on the other. The quincunxes on the sides are exact within a few minutes of arc. This combination made me wonder...

Comparing this with Einstein's chart, we find just the same planets grouped together in the three signs around the Nonagesimal: the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Pluto. - The latter casts an almost exact sextile to the Sun.

What about Tesla? A stellium of Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and the Sun, as well - but this time around the IC! Pluto exactly sextile Saturn, Neptune trine the Sun.

But back to Huygens:

Saturn in 10th, right on the cusp: This would signify Christiaan's father wanting him to become a diplomat – certainly fitting the Nonagesimal in Libra! But the boy was not interested in such a career.

The MC in Scorpio motivated him towards investigating nature's secrets. Further, it's in 11th – sorry, traditionalists, I can't help connecting this house with some kind of search for a universal vision...

ASC and the Moon in Capricorn, this makes Saturn, one of the classical planets of science, a pronounced influence.

All the more since we find him on the Nonagesimal, in his exaltation in Libra, and elevated over the Moon in Capricorn (the Moon's traditional 12° orb would just allow us to see the two as square each other). He is retrograde and in opposition to Mercury which is retro, too, plus combust! However, this constellation didn't make Huygens dull and clumsy, rather it gave him great depth and exactness in thinking. He was, however, known for taking a very long time to publish the results of his research!

We can see this constellation indicating the great mathematical abilities Huygens demonstrated in his career. Libra's characteristic professions indeed seem to include mathematicians (as I have learnt just recently). It makes sense, this is an air sign inclined to abstraction, and aims for symmetry and balance. And isn't mathematics about equations, really?

No wonder then that Huygens became known as a mathematician first (by a work about the quadrature of the circle, by the way).

Another early success, this time in astronomy, was the observation of retrograde Mercury's transit over the Sun!! Given the astrological interpretation of this phenomenon it is not surprising that the observation was followed by a hot debate about the accuracy of some astronomers' results...

The dispositor of the Nonagesimal and Saturn, Venus in 3rd (the house of information and knowledge), confers imagination and some kind of artistic grace to Huygen's mind much like we saw before in Tesla and Einstein. Her semisextile to Mercury plays a role here, too.

The 3rd house is ruled by Neptune in 10th (where Einstein has his Neptune, too), and, traditionally speaking, by Jupiter in 1st and Aquarius (Einstein's Jupiter is in the same sign).

Jupiter in Aquarius stands clearly for a sense of exploration in a cosmological sense in the charts of these two men (“to boldly go where no-one has gone before”).

Last edited by Michael Sternbach on Thu May 29, 2014 9:21 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3728
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 9:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi michael,

thanks for sharing your perspective on chistiaan huygens chart. your viewpoint and conclusions are quite interesting and in many ways i think they are quite good too! i like the connection between libra or an air sign and mathematics. i am just going on memory as i read your post a few days ago... i like how you try to dovetail the 2 charts of huygens and einstein together thru the astrology too!

here is a chart i was looking at yesterday that reminded me of huygens chart - mostly due the saturn equal 10th square the ascendant. the only annoying thing about this is the rounded off time and the ascendant angle at the end of the sign! otherwise it is a very similar set up to huygens. i suspect the time is not correct but that it is in the ballpark.,_Joseph&redirect=no

another chart i was looking at with some fascination is this one -,_E.A.D.E.&redirect=no

i had actually stumbled on a few surgeons charts with mars in the 7th house - both nocturnal charts so mars is not considered as big a problem, although saturn is and in these 2 examples the concept of the malefic out of sect doesn't seem to hold much value as i see it. i don't have the other surgeon chart i was looking at for you to see it, but it also had mars in the 7th area making me wonder if cutting people OPEN with a knife was one of the main ways a 7th house mars had to operate in some sort of healthy manner!!!!

there is also a problem with the concept of planets under the beams of the sun too as i see it as both of these charts i have shared the individuals seem to guided very much by the same planets said to not function well under the beams of the sun.. perhaps this is getting away from the topic of the thread but i find it a worthwhile conversation that i would like to have with others here, perhaps in a new thread..
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