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High-quality reproductions of astrological sources on DVD

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Philip Graves

Joined: 07 Jan 2005
Posts: 436
Location: Europe

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:19 am    Post subject: High-quality reproductions of astrological sources on DVD Reply with quote

Now available to the general public, the first two large compilations in PDF format of newly taken high-quality full-colour scan-based reproductions of vintage astrological texts and journals from the original printings in my personal collection. Each compilation is a digital library in itself on a particular historical theme within the general sphere of astrological literature, and is presented on surface-printable archival-life DVD media (rated for 100 years by the manufacturer), with custom surface printing and inlay card designs.

The implementation of 300 d.p.i. optical resolution, full-colour scanning, and manual scanning on a dedicated Plustek book-edge scanner, with only lossless Adobe compression protocols applied as a general rule, ensures close attention to detail and the highest possible quality to the resulting scan files. Meticulous manual post-scan page cropping optimises on-screen appearance by eliminating extraneous (off-page) dark and white streaks as far as possible, compatibly with displaying as much as possible of the actual margin of each page. The priority is always ensuring that the printed content of each page and every fold-out illustration is fully captured.

Here is a summary of the books included on each of the two titles so far released:

From Sibly to Simmonite: Source-Texts of the 19th Century English Astrological Revival, 1784-1854

1. Sibly, Ebeneezer 'A Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology' 1784-90
2. Heydon, C., Jr. 'The New Astrology' 2nd ed. 1786
3. De Titis, Placido 'Astronomy and Elementary Philosophy' 1789
4. De Titis, Placido 'A Collection of Thirty Remarkable Nativities' 1789
5. De Titis, Placido 'Supplement to Placidus de Titus, Containing the Nativity of Oliver Cromwell' 1790
6. Heydon, C., Jr. 'The Wisdom of Solomon in Miniature, Being a New Doctrine of Nativities' 1792
7. Lemoine, Henry, ed. 'The Astrologer's Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany' New Series Vol. 1, 1794
8. Sibly, Ebeneezer 'A Key to Physic and the Occult Sciences' 1794 / 5 [NB: the first colour-plate edition, with all plates present]
9. Worsdale, John 'Genethliacal Astrology' 2nd ed., 1798
10. Barrett, Rev. John 'An Enquiry into the Origin of the Constellations that Compose the Zodiac' 1800
11. White, Thomas 'The Beauties of Occult Science Investigated, or the Celestial Intelligencer' 1811
12. Swift, P. J. 'Destiny of Europe: the Nativity of Napoleone Bonaparte, Emperor of France' 1812
13. De Titis, Didacus Placidus, ed. Cooper, John 'Primum Mobile, with Theses to the Theory, and Canons...' 1814
14. Wilson, James 'A Complete Dictionary of Astrology in which Every Technical and Abstruse Term...' 1819
15. Wilson, James 'A New and Complete Set of Astrological Tables' 1820
16. Ptolemy, tr. Ashmand, J. M. 'Tetrabiblos' 1822
17. Mackey, Sampson Arnold 'The Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated' 2nd ed. (1824); bound with:
‘A Reply, Intended to be Made to the Various Disputants, on an Essay on Chronology, which was read at The Philosophical Society of Norwich; Containing Astronomical Proofs that the Sun Stood Still and Hasted Note to Go Down for the Space of a Day, and that the Shadows on the Sun-Dials Went Backwards 10 Degrees’;
‘Urania’s Key to the Revelation; or the Analyzation of the Writings of the Jews, As Far As They Are Found to Have Any Connexion with the Science of Astronomy’;
‘A Companion to the Mythological Astronomy, & c.’;
‘Man’s Best Friend; or the Evils of Pious Frauds’;
‘A New Theory of the Earth, and of Planetary Motion; In Which is Demonstrated that the Sun is Vicegerent of His Own System’;
'The Two Zodiacs of Tentyra, and the Zodiac of Thebes, Explained';
'A Lecture on Astronomy, Adjusted to its Dependent Science Geology; in which is shewn the plain and simple cause of the Vast Abundance of Water in the Southern Hemisphere, Given at 91, Dean Street, Soho, Dec. 20, 1832, In Consequence of Having Seen an Essay on the Astronomical and Physical Causes of Geological Changes, by Sir Richard Phillips';
‘The Original Design of the Ancient Zodiacal and Extra-Zodiacal Constellations, Arranged on the Present Globes; which by their attitudes and positions prove the place of the summer Solstice to have been in the middle of the Goat; and the autumnal equinox in the Ram; to which is added an account of the Battle between Vicramaditya and Salavahana which arose from a Combination of the Precession and Nutation of the Earth’s Axis; Also Further Remarks on the long Zodiac of Tentyra; shewing that the unequal division of the Zodiac is a consequence of the Perihelion point in the autumnal Ram’;
‘Remarks on the Cabinet Cyclopaedia and the Geological Globe, Relative to the Polar Motion’
18. Members of the Mercurii 'The Straggling Astrologer' 1825 +
19. Members of the Mercurii 'The Astrologer of the 19th Century' Stated 7th edition 1825
20. The Spirit of Partridge, or Astrologer's Pocket Companion, and General Magazine' 1824-5
21. Raphael 'A Manual of Astrology, or the Book of the Stars' 1828
22. Worsdale, John 'Celestial Philosophy, or Genethliacal Astronomy' 1828
23. Oxley, Thomas 'The Celestial Planispheres, or Astronomical Charts' 1830
24. Stella, Rupertus 'The Astrologian's Guide in Horary Astrology' 1832
25. Zadkiel 'The Grammar of Astrology' 1833
26. Zadkiel, ed. 'The Horoscope: a Weekly Miscellany of Astrology' 1834
27. Raphael 'The Familiar Astrologer' 1835
28. Zuriel 'A Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy, or the Language of the Stars' 1835
29. Shemaya, Ebn 'The Star: a Complete System of Theoretical and Practical Astrology' 1839
30. Zadkiel, ed. 'The Horoscope' 1841
31. Zadkiel 'Zadkiel's Legacy, Containing a Full and Particular Judgment on the Great Conjunction...'
32. Simmonite, W. J. 'The Astro-Philosopher and Meteorologist' 1847
33. Simmonite, W. J. 'The Celestial Philosopher; or, the Complete Arcana of Astral Philosophy' 1849
34. Simmonite, W. J. 'Mathematical and Astronomical Tables for Students of Astro Mathematics' 1847
35. Oxley, Thomas 'The Gem of the Astral Sciences'
36. Cross, W. J. 'Reasons for Belief in Judicial Astrology; Comprising Some Advice to Students...' 1849
37. Zadkiel 'A Grammar of Astrology' 3rd ed., 1849
38. Bowron, John 'Observations on Planetary and Celestial Influences in the Production of Epidemics and on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases' 1850
39. Simmonite, W. J. 'The Prognostic Astronomer, or Horary Astrology' 1851
40. Lilly, William and Zadkiel 'An Introduction to Astrology' 1852
41. Zadkiel 'Tables to be Used in Calculating Nativities' 1852
42. Simmonite, W. J. 'Prognostications on Revolutions, or Solar Figures' 1854

+: lacks one leaf of one issue only; otherwise complete

Godfather of Modernity: the Alan Leo Legacy Volume One - Early Astrological Journals, 1890-1912

1. The Astrologer's Magazine Vol. 1, Aug. 1890 – Jul. 1891*
2. The Astrologer's Magazine Vol. 2, Aug. 1891 – Jul. 1892*
3. The Astrologer's Magazine Vol. 3, Aug. 1892 – Jul. 1893*
4. The Astrologer's Magazine Vol. 1, Aug. 1893 – Jul. 1894*
5. The Astrologer's Magazine Vol. 1, Aug. 1894 – Jul. 1895*
6. Modern Astrology Vol. 1, Aug. 1895 – Jul. 1896
7. Modern Astrology Vol. 2, Aug. 1896 – Jul. 1897
8. Modern Astrology Vol. 3, Aug. 1897 – Jan. 1898
9. Modern Astrology Vol. 4, Feb. - Jul. 1898
10. Modern Astrology Vol. 5, Aug. 1898 – Jan. 1899
11. Modern Astrology Vol. 6, Feb. - Jul. 1899
12. Modern Astrology Vol. 7, Aug. 1899 – Jun. 1900
13. Modern Astrology Vol. 8, Jul. - Dec. 1900
14. Modern Astrology Vol. 9, Jan. - Jun. 1901
15. Modern Astrology Vol. 10, Jul. - Dec. 1901
16. Modern Astrology Vol. 11, Jan. - Jun. 1902
17. Modern Astrology Vol. 12, Jul. - Dec. 1902
18. Modern Astrology Vol. 13, Jan. - Jun. 1903
19. Modern Astrology Vol. 14, Jul. - Dec. 1903
20. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 1, Jan. - Dec. 1904
21. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 2, Jan. - Nov. 1905
22. The Astrologer's Annual 1906
23. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 3, Jan. - Nov. 1906
24. The Astrologer's Annual 1907
25. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 4, Jan. - Nov. 1907
26. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 5, Jan. - Nov. 1908
27. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 6, Jan. - Dec. 1909
28. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 7, Jan. - Dec. 1910
29. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 8, Jan. - Dec. 1911
30. Modern Astrology New Series Vol. 9, Jan. - Dec. 1912

* These volumes, exceptionally, were processed using Adobe's adaptive compression protocol.

Each DVD collection retails for GBP £59 or US $99. I have stock available now, and you can purchase from me directly by Paypal to my business Paypal account on For a limited period, I shall include worldwide shipping free of charge with all orders placed. Please make sure to include your full name and shipping address with your order, and do not forget to specify which title(s) you are ordering.

The DVDs are also available from the American Federation of Astrologers in their store here:

All scans are copyright-protected, and the DVDs are sold subject to the strict condition of their contents not being further distributed or duplicated, online or otherwise. DVD owners are of course welcome to install copies on their computer hard drives for their own personal and family use for the duration of their ownership of the DVDs.

Further collections in this series are already under preparation, with several others planned for the future. All enquiries to the same email addess given above. Wholesale enquiries from retailers and academic enquiries also welcome. Thank you for your interest,

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Philip Graves

Joined: 07 Jan 2005
Posts: 436
Location: Europe

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 9:23 pm    Post subject: Special offer to Skyscript members Reply with quote

The A.F.A. announced in their monthly mailshot today that it is extending a 20% discount on the retail price for both my DVD collections that it currently stocks to registered A.F.A. members.

For this reason, I am now offering the same discount (20%) to all Skyscript members who order directly from me. You need only provide a Skyscript forum ID that is verifiably yours with your order to qualify. Thus, the price per collection is reduced to GBP £47.20, or if you prefer to pay in US dollars, $79.20.

Those who already purchased have been compensated with the difference. I was not willing to undercut my main retailer's prices, hence this offer was not made prior to the A.F.A.'s own discount announcement.

Thank you!
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 4130
Location: England

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Phillip,

I wanted to let you know that I have just posted my own review of your Alan Leo collection DVD at and am currently in the process of adding links to that page.

This really is very valuable work that you are doing, and I hope it continues because I already know that it is proving invaluable to researchers. (I recently had a personal enquiry about how to get hold of copies of some of these journals, and gave the enquirer - through a third party - news of your work - both were delighted to be able to purchase a DVD with them all on).

Please keep us informed of any special offers, or developments with regard to the website you are creating to help promote the products. Unless I am mistaken they don't appear on Amazon sites. Is this a conscious decision on your part, or something that you simply haven't got around to organising yet?

All my best wishes and congratulations on your endevours

PS - as I mentioned in my review, Kirk Little will also prepare a review of the 'Sibly to Simmonite' DVD, which will be published later.
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Philip Graves

Joined: 07 Jan 2005
Posts: 436
Location: Europe

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Deb,

Thank you for your kind wishes and for taking the time to review the first DVD in the Alan Leo-themed trilogy. I have only just seen your review and your message here tonight, and I'm sorry I got to them with a week's delay; but I'm extremely grateful for the positive publicity.

Regarding Amazon, that's a very good question. There is a fundamental stumbling block at the moment to my listing my DVDs on Amazon, which is that neither nor accepts sellers whose bank accounts are denominated in currencies other than US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, pounds sterling, Australian dollars and the currency of New Zealand (I forget what that is called).

Because I am based in Sweden, according to Swedish law, for accounting and tax audit purposes I am required to keep a dedicated business bank account denominated in Swedish kronor for all self-employment activities. While I have been able to connect a Paypal account to my Swedish business current account for direct sales, Amazon does not accept Paypal either, so simply put, their currency rules have excluded me from trading there as a seller for the time being.

The only way around this would appear for me to obtain a dedicated bank account in another currency such as US dollars and then link this to my Swedish business current account. But as to how to go about this, I am absolutely clueless, not having any experience of any such thing.

It would in fact be useful to me to have an account in US dollars in any case in order to process wholesale payments from the A.F.A. without the cost of a massive bank charge for cashing a cheque in US dollars (currently 310 Swedish kronor per cheque, which is almost £30 or $48 ). If anyone knows how a non-resident of the U.S. might go about establishing a bank account in US dollars from abroad, I'd be most appreciative of any assistance in this matter. Clearing the present obstacles to trading on Amazon seems to be an essential step forward in order for me to trade as a viable business instead of just as a hobbyist.

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Joined: 20 Jul 2013
Posts: 91
Location: New York, NY (USA)

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi Philip,

it's definitely possible to set up an international account in US dollars, and many US or international banks are willing to make that happen for you. I've done some research and have a few quick links for you to check out. it appears to be a bit more complicated if you aren't physically in the US, so my suggestion is to take the links below and connect directly to their online advisors (to avoid international call rates) to discuss your needs. they should be able to point you in the right direction.

- HSBC Global: International Banking. (This link is set up to accommodate US private bankers to get an account internationally, but if they can do that it should be very easy to do the inverse to get you a US bank acct.)

- Wells Fargo: International Banking. (This site looks difficult to navigate, but Wells Fargo is a very respected and easy to work with bank here in the US.)

- Citibank: Expatriate Wealth Management Services.

the US has a way of making things more complicated than they have to be, so be prepared for that, but I think if you get in touch with the right people (online advisors) they should be able to help get you in the right direction. oh! and if you talk to an online advisor using an online chat function, and it appears that person doesn't know what they're talking about, or are a little too adamant with a "no" answer, close the window and try again. these call centers have hundreds of people at desks, some new and some tenured. you may have just gotten a newbie in-training. if nothing else we want these online advisors to give you advice and point you in the right direction, if that right direction doesn't happen to be with their institution.

best of luck!!
_________________ |
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Philip Graves

Joined: 07 Jan 2005
Posts: 436
Location: Europe

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Thank you for the helpful leads! I shall look into this in due course, but it gives me some kind of vague hope that it can be done, which is positive.


To all:

Meanwhile, by way of general news for anyone interested, my next project is nearing completion. The files are complete but I still need to design the artwork. Having looked at the properties of the available image files and set my mind on a particular on-disc design, I have come to the conclusion that I unfortunately need a photo editing program that can do layers before proceeding to production.

Having looked into free programs, I have found them to be either faulty or (as in the case of one called GIMP) so user-hostile to anyone who isn't a trained graphics professional that they are non-starters. Therefore I'm making enquiries towards the end of purchasing Adobe Photoshop Elements, with which I do have some past experience, albeit on a previous, now-defunct laptop computer that had it pre-installed. As a result, it will probably still be another 2-3 weeks before this disc is ready for sale. But I thought it might be a good idea to give advance notice now.

So, here's the final line-up for the literary contents of my upcoming DVD release provisionally entitled: 'From Cooke to Pearce: Anglo-American Texts and Journals on Astrology and Astro-theology, 1854-1894'.

This volume takes up where the previously released title 'From Sibly to Simmonite' left off, thus in 1854; and as with that DVD, its contents are ordered strictly chronologically to facilitate research into the transmission of astrological ideas, with the proviso that Drummond's book is a second edition.

As with my previous DVD releases, all scans are in full colour and are my own original work from the original printings of the source texts in my private collection. No monochrome scans with the problems they bring, and no cast-offs from other providers of scans.

1. Christopher Cooke 'A Plea for Urania' 1854

2. A Cavalry Officer 'Astrology as it is, Not as it has been represented' 1856

3. Vaughan Williams, ed. 'The Astrologer's Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany' (the standard contemporaneous single vol. compilation of highlights thereof - of the original separate issues, there is no trace), 1857-8

4. Luke Dennis Broughton, ed. 'Broughton's Monthly Planet Reader and Astrological Journal' All issues published (about 43 or 44), 1860-9

5. Zadkiel (Richard Morrison) 'Hand-Book of Astrology Vol. I' 1861 (only ed.)

6. Frances Rolleston 'Mazzaroth' Parts 1-4, complete, bound with 'Mizraim' 1862-5 (first eds.)

7. Alfred J. Pearce 'The Weather Guide Book' 1864 (only ed.)

8. Christopher Cooke 'Curiosities of Occult Literature' MSS-adorned version 1, 1863 (printed text) / 1878 (annotations by Cooke)*

9. Zadkiel (Richard Morrison) 'Hand-Book of Astrology Vol. II' 1863 (only ed.)

10. William Drummond 'Oedipus Judaicus' 1866 (2nd edition, believed limited to 250 copies, after the first of 1811, which was limited to approx. 50)

11. Phillips 'Medicine and Astrology' 1867 (pamphlet)

12. Dupuis, François 'The Origin of All Religious Worship' 1872 ( = first edition of the only known English translation of his 'Abrégé de l'Origine de Tous les Cultes', originally published in French circa 1822, though there were multiple editions thus)

13. Sayce, Revd. 'Astronomy and Astrology of the Babylonians' 1874 (first ed.)

14. Casael 'Your Future Foretold' 1875 (rare horary work, only ed.)

15. Tice 'Elements of Meteorology Part II' 1875 (the only part published - Part I never appeared in print; Part II was dedicated to astro-meteorological concepts)

16. Anna Johnson 'Iconoclasm, or Astrology of the Bible' 1877 (rare pamphlet)

17. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'Guide to Astrology Vol. I' 1877 (first ed.)

18. Woolley 'The Science of the Bible' 1877 (first ed.; a vast work, dedicated to the exposition of astronomical and astrological symbolism in the Bible)

19. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'A Description of the Faces and Degrees of the Zodiac' 1879 (first ed.)

20. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'Guide to Astrology Vol. II' 1879 (first ed.)

21. Alfred J. Pearce 'The Text-Book of Astrology Vol. I 1879 (first ed. thus)

22. Alfred J. Pearce, ed. 'Urania' 1880 (journal, complete in nine monthly issues)

23. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'The Art of Talismanic Magic' 1880 (stated 5th ed., but actually the first one in print; it was later reprinted in the 20th century by notorious plagiarist L. W. de Laurence under the altered title 'Raphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic' and is much more common thus)

24. Alfred J. Pearce 'The Science of the Stars' 1881 (first ed.)

25. Joseph Seiss 'The Gospel in the Stars' 1882 (first ed.)

26. Harley 'Moon Lore' 1885 (first ed.)

27. Margaret Johnson 'The Procession of the Zodiac' 1886 (charming picture-book printed entirely in sepia ink)

28. Lilly / Coley / Cardan / Bonatti, ed. Serjeant 'The Astrologer's Guide' 1886 (first edition thus, after the 17th century original)

29. Collingwood 'Astrology in the Apocalypse' 1886 (only ed. of a rare book)

30. Valetin Weigel, ed. Dr. Anna Kingsford 'Astrology Theologised' 1886 (first thus)

31. Luke Dennis Broughton 'Why I Am an Astrologer' 1887 (original ed. of a short work later reprinted in 'The Elements of Astrology')

32. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'Raphael's Horary Astrology' 1883 (first ed.)

33. Hiram E. Butler 'Solar Biology' 1887 (seeming first ed. though stated 'second' on spine, thus perhaps second issue of first ed. in same year as first)

34. P. Powley, ed. 'The Astrologer' Vol. I, 1887-8 (all 12 monthly issues)

35. P. Powley, ed. 'The Astrologer' Vol. II, 1888-9 (all 12 monthly issues)

36. Rosa Baughan 'The Influence of the Stars' 1889 (first ed.)

37. Thomas Burgoyne 'The Light of Egypt' 1889 (first ed.)

38. P. A. Graves 'Evolution and Reproduction of the Human Race' 1889 (rare; only ed.)

39. Franz Hartmann 'The Principles of Astrological Geomancy' 1889 (first ed.)

40. Alfred J. Pearce 'The Text-Book of Astrology Vol. II' 1889 (first and only ed. thus)

41. P. Powley, ed. 'The Astrologer' Vol. III, 1889-90 (11 of 12 issues published)

42. W. H. Chaney 'Primer of Astrology and American Urania' 1890 (first and only ed.)

43. Sepharial, ed. 'Fate and Fortune' 1890 (all four issues published)

44. Raphael (R. T. Cross) 'Raphael's Key to Astrology' 1891 (first ed.)

45. W. J. Simmonite, ed. John Story 'The Daily Guide, with Simmonite's Prognostications on Revolutions' 1891 (significant expansion of the Simmonite original that is itself featured in the 'From Sibly to Simmonite' DVD)

46. Karl Andersen 'Astrology of the Old Testament' 1892 (first ed.)

47. Thomas Burgoyne 'The Language of the Stars' dated 1892 (stated third ed.; accuracy of dating to this printing unclear - could be a few years later, but all eds. are very scarce)

48. Rev. Ethelbert W. Bullinger 'The Witness of the Stars' 1893 (first ed.)

49. Joseph Dalton 'The Spherical Basis of Astrology' 1893 (first ed.)

50. Pelanca y Tita, tr. Rosa Baughan 'Solar Horoscopes' 1893 (very scarce work, only ed.)

51. Alfred J. Pearce 'The Future' 1892-4 (all 26 issues published)

52. Frank Earl Ormsby 'The Law and the Prophets' 1894 (first ed.)

* - one of three copies hand-annotated by Cooke in my collection; on special request, the other two may also be scanned and sold separately


Having earlier completed the cropping of the last title, I have just added first-page watermarks and password security to all 52 files, and the total size on disk is 4 692 131 840 bytes - which is about as full a DVD as you can get.

Other titles from 1894 itself with more of a modern flavour, such as Eleanor Kirk's 'The Influence of the Zodiac on Human Life' and Wilde / Dodson's 'A Treatise of Natal Astrology', have been carried over to the next volume in the series, which will commence in 1894 and continue as far as space allows.

As indicated above, it remains for me to design the printable on-disc cover, front inlay and tray card, before this project is ready for sale.

All enquiries welcome.
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