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Sidereal Sign and Mansion Research

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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:37 pm    Post subject: Sidereal Sign and Mansion Research Reply with quote

Frequently I try small research projects in an attempt to discover if there are specific meanings to sidereal signs, lunar mansions, navamsas or even small asterism sections of signs. Sometimes the research results look promising, and sometimes nothing at all turns up. My latest project was interesting enough that I wanted to post the results.

I took each lunar mansion that contained the Sun and ascendant and pulled up all the charts from AstroDatabank v.4 that had this combination. Although the lunar mansions (often called "nakshatras") belong to India's astrology, my findings are that they are relevant in any sidereal system.

Since the lunar mansions have been related to stars and constellations, they will be just as valid in the tropical zodiac in the context of the signs in which they are located. For example the mansion of Swati is measured form 6Lib40 to 20 sidereal Libra. In the tropical zodiac Swati is located approximately in the first half of tropical Scorpio. The tone of the mansion will show through in the signs in either zodiac.

Traditionally in India's astrology the mansions are said to relate to the Moon and personality or character. But it's extraordinarily difficult to find personality and character profiles of individuals in AstroDatabank. So I chose the Sun, which is more visible and often describes what a person actually does in life. The Sun may be related to innate tendencies as to what is natural for a person to emphasize throughout life.

AstroDatabank 4 (ADB) in its present state is simply a random collection of more than 36,000 charts provided by various astrologers. The software is skewed toward four groups, that is there is a disproportionate number of charts in these groups: (1) astrologers (2) those in the entertainment field, (3) sports champions and (4) homosexuals

Individuals in these four groups will show up with virtually any search criteria. Thus, I gave greater weight to categories other than these four. Nevertheless, there do seem to be astrological mansions, entertainment mansions, and a few where sports champions or sexual themes predominate.

There is a table here for anyone who wants to know the precise position of the mansions for any year in the tropical zodiac:
The table can be printed for reference.

So I'll begin with Aries/Ashvini and go through the zodiac as time allows.

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #1: Ashvini
Aries 0 to 13 deg 20 min sidereal Aries
(approximately 23 Aries to 7 Taurus tropical)

This is one of the mansions that had a fairly clear emphasis which seems to be related to Aries' diurnal triplicity lords, Sun and Jupiter: A group of people who held director, managerial, presidential positions or who owned businesses. However the Venus ruled Taurus navamsa contained two popular musicians, Alan Price (Ari 5.6) and Larry Ramos (6.0). Beta Andromeda is at 6Ari38. ADB gives positions in decimal degrees, though astrological software linked to the program will calculate ordinary charts with minutes rather than decimal points.

Aries Sun degrees (Krishnamurti):
00.1 President of Broadway
00.2 Museum director
02.9 Editor in Chief
05.4 Chairman AFA
08.0 Politician (Gemini navamsa)
08.5 Funeral home owner
12.9 Business owner (wines, awards)

According to Hart Defouw and Robert Svoboda (Light on Life, 1996), this mansion is said to be "skilled in work and intelligent." (According to Sage Varahamihira) (p. 216)

(Aries mansions to be continued.)
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #2 (Bharani) and Mansion #3 in Aries (Sagittarius navamsa)
Aries 13 deg 20 min to 26 deg 40 min (Bharani) and 26 deg 40 min to 30 Aries (Krittika)

(Approximately 7 to 23 Taurus tropical)

For mansion #2 in Aries, I've pulled in the first quarter of mansion #3 since it's ruled by the Sun, and only a small 3 degree 20 minute section of this mansion is in Aries. In these two mansions we still have figures of power and authority, but some new occupations are introduced, primarily in the field of education:

Aries Sun degrees (Krishnamurti)
17.9 Donatella Versace, Entrepreneur, Versace fashion empire
22.5 General Foreman
26.6 Corporate magnate
27.8 Barrister (English superior court) "with great powers of persuasion"
29.9 College president

Education, teaching: 14.8; 19.5; 22.4; 29.9

There are only two sports people (25.9, tennis and 29.1, swimming) and only one actor from mansion #3 (28.1). There are two astrologers in Mansion #2: (14.8, Vivian Butler, also a teacher and 23.8, Robert Cole, a syndicated columnist).

This collection of charts suggests that the Sun in the Ascendant mansions of Aries reflects more the qualities of the triplicity lords Sun and Jupiter than the aggressive stance of Mars. Or perhaps the energy of Mars is focused on achievement and bringing a plan or dream to reality.

Based on these charts from ADB, Aries is certainly not a sign favored by athletes or even those in the entertainment field. Mars may relinquish its physical side to its favored nocturnal sign of Scorpio. Neither is sidereal Aries a sign favored by astrologers. The general tone of the sign seems to be one of centralized self determined energy which can manifest in a rise to some type of authority or power. I would call it a sign which manifests creative energy in realizing dreams. This type of creation is somewhat different than the way an artist approaches creativity, which is more a personal expression of self.

Rather than a physical sign, sidereal Aries follows occupations that require a great deal of mental concentration, drive and direction. In other words, the power is in the mind rather than the body as is required for athletic pursuits. Book 5: "Planetary Natures," in Benjamin Dykes' Introductions to Traditional Astrology (Cazimi Press, 2010) contains an excellent summary of planetary traits from early Hellenistic times up through the Arabic period. From this book, here are a few traits of the triplicity lords of Aries:

Sun: (triplicity ruler by day; Sun is also exalted in Aries.) "splendor, reason and intellect, lofty mind, wisdom, supremacy of first place, power, forcefulness"

Jupiter (triplicity ruler by night): "firmness, wisdom, sharpness of mind, boldness, esteem from others"

However, also some traditional Mars traits seem appropriate: "And he signifies youth and strength and the sharpness of the mind...And a king of power and cleverness and the commands of leaders..." (Dykes, p. 244)

Most of sidereal Aries lies in the same area of the ecliptic as tropical Taurus, which western tradition has classed as a sign with melancholic traits. That classification isn't supported by the underlayment of the Sun and Ascendant in sidereal Aries.

The primary constellations of Mansion #1 are Pisces, Andromeda, Cepheus (the king), Aries, and Fronax, the furnace. Mansion #2 is taken up with stars of Aries, Triangulum, and Cassiopeia as well as the head of Cetus, the sea monster. Individual stars which conjoin planets do seem to influence how planets act, but this influence isn't always consistent.

(Mansions of sidereal Taurus to follow.)
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:30 am    Post subject: Krittika (#3) and Rohini(#4) in Taurus Reply with quote

Taurus is a very interesting sign that is generally misunderstood in the sidereal zodiac. Most of Taurus is located in the ecliptical area of tropical Gemini, and thus must manifest similar energy. This type of light and airy energy comes from the triplicity rulers of Venus and the Moon, the two planets naturally associated with Taurus as domicile and exalted lords.

The symbolism of the bull is also apparent in sidereal Taurus. If we explore the mythological connections of this animal in ancient cultures, we find that the bull represents the force which animates forms of all kinds. The bull symbolizes fertility, growth and the season of springtime. Tropical symbolism has incorrectly changed bull symbolism into stubborness and inflexibility. However, those traits don't belong to sidereal Taurus.

Sidereal Taurus has segments of two mansions plus the full mansion of Rohini (which has lunar associations) in the center degrees of the sign. Part of the first mansion overlaps the final segment of tropical Taurus, which helps to add to tropical/sidereal zodiac confusion.

Sun and Ascendant [Krishnamurti] in Mansion #3: Krittika in Taurus
Sidereal Taurus 0 to 10 degrees

(approximately 24 Taurus to 3.5 tropical Gemini)

Perhaps because this mansion begins in Aries and is traditionally ruled by the Sun in the Vimshottari dasa system, some solar symbolism continues here in the entrepreneur and business owner area: (Taurus 1.5, 2.8 and 4.4 as well as a business rep in Taurus 9.4). These wouldn't be occupations that would come under Taurus' Moon and Venus symbolism. Except for four astrologers (1.0, 3.4, 3.5 and 4.4) this mansion in Taurus contains only a scattering of miscellaneous occupations:

2.4 actor
3.4 musician
5.0 NBA star
7.3 acupuncturist
8.6 boxing champion
9.1 actor

We would need more cases to give a distinctive occupational personality to Mansion #3. However, we'll see that in the following mansion of Taurus the entertainment industry comes into play, and we see a beginning of that field here in a few cases of acting and music.

Krittika is the ancient nakshatra area of the Pleiades in Taurus. The asterism of the Pleiades was once the leading nakshatra in ancient cultures throughout the world. The Pleiades are the seven sisters of which Alcyone is the principle star. There are several different myths associated with these stars which are too complex to describe in a short forum post, but we know that the seven sisters carry a feminine energy. Ptolemy said these stars were of the nature of the Moon and Mars.

Sun and Ascendant [Krishnamurti] in Mansion #4: Rohini
Sidereal Taurus 10 to 23 deg 20 min

(approximately 3.5 to 17 tropical Gemini)

In contrast to Mansion #3, Mansion #4 (Rohini) has a very distinct "personality." Rohini is ruled by the Moon which is exalted in Taurus, and in theory should thoroughly reflect Taurean energy as its nocturnal triplicity lord. This is the mansion of the Hyades whose principle star is rosy Aldebaran. In India Brahma is the deity associated with this mansion who created a daughter of such beauty (Rohini) that he fell in love with her. Of great charm and magnetism she was the favorite wife of the Moon god's 27 nakshatra wives. Rohini was said to have great skill in art and music, and the red tone of her star can be linked to passion and sensuality.

This mansion in the middle degrees of sidereal Taurus carries a distinct sexual tone. It has more than its share of homosexuals of both genders as well as a porno film star and a sex therapist.

11.6 Lesbian 8181
12.1 Lesbian 12161
14.4 Homosexual 11888
14.8 Lesbian 11252
16.6 Lesbian 8864 (degree of Aldebaran)
16.8 Porno actress (degree of Aldebaran)
17.4 Homosexual 13138
19.5 Homosexual 13677
20.5 Ruth Westheimer, psychosexual therapist (pi Orion)
21.9 Homosexual 10588

Rohini also comes in strong on the entertainment level, including music:

11.7 pianist, jazz
13.5 opera diva
16.4 performing magician
16.5 actress noted for her beauty
16.6 radio and TV host
16.7 documentary film maker
(all these in the degree of Aldebaran which supports the power of fixed stars)
20.8 singer, actress (folk, rock)
21.9 actor in horror films
22.5 mime performer

The third emphasis of Rohini is in the education/literary field:
10.2 astrological author
10.4 PE teacher
18.0 professional writer

There are three astrologers (10.2, 11.9, 19.7).

For Rohini it may be appropriate to list a number of Venus traits from Benjamin Dykes' Introductions to Traditional Astrology (The Cazimi Press, 2010). Under Venus (Abu Ma'shar's Great Introduction):

"...musical instruments and pleasures and joys; amiability toward friends; love of singing and amusement and laughing; dancing and playing the pipes; having fun with different kinds of amusement; a multitude of sexual intercourse of diverse kinds; multitudes of pleasures in every matter" (p. 253)

This overlap of sidereal Taurus with tropical Gemini is particularly interesting which I'll discuss in the next post on the final mansion in Taurus.

Last edited by Therese Hamilton on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:04 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:57 am    Post subject: Mrig in Taurus; Solar/lunar Personalities Reply with quote

The final seven degrees in sidereal Taurus contain the first two quarters of Mansion #5, Mrigashirsha or "Mrig" for short. This mansion contains the two bright constellations of Orion, the warrior and Auriga, the Charioteer. There is also Lepus, the Hare. Suitably for a mansion that contains the warrior, Orion, Mars is the ruler of this mansion in the Vimshottari system.

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #5: Mrig in Taurus (first two quarters)
Sidereal Taurus 23 deg 20 min to 30 degrees

(approximately 16.5 to 23 tropical Gemini)

This mansion appears to belong to astrologers. It's interesting that this sky area as tropical Gemini receives a great deal of press from astrologers who often seem to favor Gemini. In this mansion there are a few in the entertainment business, some representation in athletics, and a small sampling in the news/journalist area:

Astrologers: 24 Taurus (2); 25-28 Taurus (4)
Taurus in general favors astrologers as they are represented in all three Taurus mansions.

Entertainment: 25.5: singer/actress; 28.7: actress
News/journalism: 25.4: newscaster/journalist; 26.1:0 press work

29.6: top tennis star
29.8 top rugby star
It's interesting that in this sky location there is a cluster of stars in Orion, the warrior. Lepus, the quick moving hare may also assist athletic skill in this mansion.

Many occupations represented in sidereal Taurus could be related to Mercury, the lord of tropical Gemini in this sky area. However, it's not quite so simple since the sidereal Taurus trigon partakes of Mercury's communication and networking skills. Virgo, Mercury's domicile and exaltation sign belongs to this trigon. In sidereal Taurus there is also a distinct Venus type energy, especially in Rohini, but represented throughout the sign in music and the entertainment fields.

This spring I attended a Kepler webinar in Fidaria (or Firdaria) by Norma Jean Ream in which she discussed diurnal and noctural births in relation to the Sun and Moon. These solar/lunar concepts agree perfectly with sign gender in the sidereal zodiac. In Aries we have those Norma called "self-emenating." (I have not been able to find that word in a dictionary, but is seems to relate to eminence.)

This concept is related to building from within, as for example preparing for a career or position in the world. Norma Jean suggested that as these solar or diurnal people matured, self-worth became a keyword. Solar personalities create something from their own perspective and skills; they become entrepreneurs, business owners, those in control, etc. or develop a particular useful skill based on natural talent. They aren't looking to other people for support or motivation.

In Taurus, particularly in Rohini, we have what Norma Jean termed nocturnal, lunar or "other-oriented" individuals, the concern of being helpful to others (as astrologers typically engage in counseling clients with the motivation of being of assistance in some way). Norma Jean stated that nocturnal births (or those with lunar emphasis) tend to be team players, more inclusive in human relationships, more nurturing and caring.

The opposite side of the coin is that solar people tend more to concentrate on their life's work or overall purpose. This is an important gender distinction in relation to the sidereal signs, quite opposite the gender understanding in the tropical zodiac where the male signs have been observed to be more socially and other oriented.

Thus in the tropical zodiac Taurus is termed a "passive" (or in the temperament system "melancholy") sign. As Aries in the sidereal zodiac this sign quietly goes about drawing on internal resources and motivation to construct a life path. Because the Sun is exalted in Aries, these people often find themselves in a position of power or respect before the public. The ability to focus and concentrate is due to triplicity lords Sun and Jupiter. In contrast lunar personalties may be more free flowing, frequently changing focus, adjusting to the moment.

(Sign research continued in sidereal Gemini)
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Graham F

Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Posts: 382

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thought this might be of interest, in relation to this subject:
A small study comparing distribution of Sun in sidereal and tropical lunar mansion divisions, using both 27 and 28 divsions, starting with 0 Aries and 0 Taurus. Most significant distribution claimed to be tropical, starting the count from 0° Taurus.
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh yes, that is very old research. There are many questions to be answered about the research but what the Overbecks were testing were actually harmonics. I'm not sure if the raw data is still available. Also there was never a replicated study. I knew Buzz and Golda way back in the 1970s when different mansion divisions were a hot topic.

There was a popular sidereal booklet back then by John Mazurek, "An Introduction to the Lunar Manions." Mazurk began his 28 mansion set with Taurus (as per Cyril Fagan's zodiac) and ran the rulerships through the zodiac in this order: Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury

Apparently there was no understanding that the mansions, originally nakshatras, were related to specific stars and asterisms in the sky. Though at this time I'm not sure how helpful the stellar myths might be.
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:56 am    Post subject: Mansions of Sidereal Gemini Reply with quote

Going through the zodiac, something interesting happens when we get to sidereal Gemini. For the first time occupations involving mathematics and technology as well as secretarial type jobs turn up along with a spike in career athletics. In the old myths the Gemini twins were renowned for their athletic prowess, Pollux for boxing while Castor was a skilled warrior and horseman.The traditional lord of Gemini, Mercury, was also an athletic god who invented the arts of boxing and gymnastics along with his literary and mathematical contributions.

Some classical Mercury traits related to occupations from Benjamin Dykes' Introductions to Traditional Astrology [Gr. Intro. VII.9 1541-80] pp. 257-258

"...and he signifies divinity and the oracles of prophets...intellect and philosophy and a gift of knowledge, also arithmetic and geometry...Even the wisdom of the stars and prophecy...and writers and books and offices [note 123, p. 258: or "agencies such as government departments"]...He even signifies assets and distributions and merchandise and business deals, and buying and selling..."

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #5: Mrigashirsha in Gemini
Sidereal Gemini 0 to 6 deg 40 min [Krishanmurti]

(approximately 23 Gemini to 0 Cancer tropical Gemini)

Most of Mrig will turn out to be in both tropical and sidereal Gemini, the early degrees of sidereal Gemini and the final degrees of tropical Gemini.

Mrig straddles the sidereal Taurus/Gemini cusp, half of the mansion in each sign. The greater importance of sidereal Taurus [tropical Gemini] is shown in that of the total ADB charts (27) with the Ascendant and Sun in this mansion, there are only six in Gemini. One of these is the birth chart of triplets (three separate birth times but one event).

If we step back a moment into Taurus and the second quarter of the Mars ruled Mrig mansion, the two sports champions with Sun in 29+ degrees of Taurus have Gemini rising. Tennis wonder Steffi Graf (Sun 25.5 Taurus) has Mars on her navamsa ascendant in Libra. Sidereal Libra relates to both partnership and opponents or contestants. Rugby champ Eugene Ribere (Sun 29.8 Taurus) has Neptune and retrograde Mercury in his Gemini first house. Mrig is the mansion of Orion.

As we enter Gemini we see charts on money, goods and services (economics), engineering and statistics. These areas didn't show up in Aries or Taurus, and can be connected to Mercury. The small number of ADB charts in the Gemini sector of Mars ruled Mrig may have to do with the fact that in Jyotish Mercury is an enemy of Mars.

Sun in Mrig in Gemini (Mrig ascendant):

2.0 civil engineer
3.3 Fabio Capello, soccer champion
3.5 Franco Modigliani, Nobel prize in economics, author
4.0 triplet births
4.6 Françoise Gauquelin, psychologist and statistician, author

Sun in Mansion #6: Ardra in Gemini (Ardra ascendant) Feet of the Twins, Rahu's mansion
Sidereal Gemini 6 deg 40 min to 20 degrees

(approximately 0 to 13.5 tropical Cancer)

This mansion contains the Gemini spike in sports professions. How much of this has to do with Gemini ruling the shoulders and arms in the zodiacal man along with the legends of Castor and Pollux?

08.2 football
14.4 boxing
15.3 baseball
16.0 rugby
17.9 rowing champ

Mercury-ruled technology and business are represented:

07.8 computer programmer and business owner
09.4 engineer
12.3 Ross Perot, Texas billionaire in the computer, aero-space and hi tech fields

I found it interesting that classical texts give Mercury rulership over "divinity and the oracles of prophets" because this mansion of Gemini had two ADB people in this category:

09.8 Ogyen Tinley Dorge, head of one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism
10.0 Nancy Mikuriya, trance medium

Finally, music and theater are found in this mansion:

09.1 actor (Robocop)
09.4 actor
14.4 actor (Flight of the Phoenix)
15.0 ballet choreographer
15.9 country western singer
18.4 musician (flute, sax)

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #7: Punarvasu in Gemini
Sidereal Gemini 20 to 30 degrees
(plus 3 deg 20 min in Cancer)
(approximately 13.5 to 23.5 tropical Cancer)

The final mansion of Gemini is ruled by Jupiter in the Vimshottari system. This mansion contains the stars of the Heads of the Twins and the constellation of Canis Minor, the lesser dog; the Aries navamsa (20 to 23 deg 20 min) seems to be unfortunate as it contains a case of spina bifida (20.6, degree of Sirius) and two cases of S.I.D.S., (21.9 and 23.1).

Occupationally, there is a cluster in the math-engineering and clerical categories in this mansion:

20.0 electrical engineer
21,7 treasurer
23.8 librarian
24.7 pro research astrologer (rectification, primary directions)
26.5 clerical worker
28.6 library clerk

A few charts in the entertainment area:

23.5 flamboyant gay performer (Jupiter?)
25.8 actress
29.9 TV personality, beauty queen

And finally three astrologers (28.5, 28.6, 29) and two representatives in the occult/psychic category:

23.8 interest in parapsychology, mysticism, yoga and gurus
28.3 psychic 12663 who abused black magic

With some amusement I noted that the 25th degree of Gemini was shared by a bank robber and an attorney amidst a cluster of smaller Gemini stars: lamda, iota and rho. Castor is a degree away at 26 deg 29 min.

It's obvious that sidereal Gemini displays a different profile than tropical Gemini in relation to the type of life work performed. This work, of course, will reflect personality traits and native skills. There's a definite trend toward technology and occupations that require math, organizational or technical skills. These types of skills weren't emphasized in any of the other eleven zodiac signs. Ardra, the central mansion suggests ability in a variety of sports.
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:06 pm    Post subject: Mansions #7 and #8 in Sidereal Cancer Reply with quote

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #7 in Cancer: Last quarter of Punavarsu
0 to 3 deg 20 min sidereal Cancer

(approximately 24 to 27 degrees Cancer tropical)

This small section of Cancer has a double Jupiter rulership; Cancer is the exaltation of Jupiter, and in the Vimshottari dasa system Jupiter is the lord of Punavarsu. It's not possible to find a clear signature for this small section of Cancer, but just over the cusp from Gemini there are two persons who can be said to have a significant Jupiter signature (degree of the Sun):

0.4 Guy Laroche, French fashion couturier who designs elegant flattering fashions
0.6 Political wife, Suha Arafat

There are two astrologers (2.2 and 2.9) with the Sun in this section of sidereal Cancer and three sports champions:

0.1 Cyclist
1.1 Fencing champion
2.2 Jockey

It may be significant that the fixed star Procyon, (alpha Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog) is in the second degree of Cancer.

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #8: Pushya
3 deg 20 min to 16 deg 40 min sidereal Cancer

(approximately 27 Cancer to 10 degrees Leo tropical)

The Sun in this mansion highlights a cluster of those in the entertainment and media industries. Because of the wide exposure in these professional areas the influence of Jupiter can be seen as well as Cancer's ruler, the Moon, which is comfortable before the public and often solicits personal attention.

Cancer Sun degrees
04.3 TV announcer
06.5 musician, a teen idol
08.2 the actor who played off-beat Kramer on Seinfield
08.3 media critic and commentator
09.5 ballet master
12.2 jazz musician
13.9 actor, "TV professional"
14.6 actor

There is also a cluster of entrepreneurs, businessmen and executives:
04.6 publication and business owner
07.1 executive, marketing VP
13.1 business administration
16.2 Ron Brierley, New Zealand entrepreneur, called a "Donald Trump"
16.3 restaurateur, chef

Academic professionals:
04.4 revolutionary writer and psychologist
09.3 philosophy professor
11.7 restaurant reviewer and college instructor

Two sport champions:
04.5 recreational sailor
15.9 baseball

This mansion contained only two astrologers (10.9 and 13.7).

There is no evidence in these positions of the Sun near the ascendant that sidereal Cancer is a home loving sign. Rather public occupations are emphasized, and (as in sidereal Aries) there are a number of entrepreneurs and executives.

Pushya is said to be a fortunate mansion in India's astrology. The deity of this mansion is Brihaspati, the planet Jupiter--the priest of the gods. This mansion is said to represent growth and abundance and to promote popularity. (deFouw) Certainly all of this is reflected in the birth charts of those with the Sun and Ascendant in this mansion. The largest section of the constellation of Cancer is located in Pushya.

There should be no more delays in completing posts on this small research project on the Sun and ascendant in sidereal signs. Aslesha, Mansion #9 is next.
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Therese Hamilton

Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Posts: 1782
Location: California, USA

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:47 am    Post subject: Mansion #9: Aslesha in sidereal Cancer Reply with quote

Sun and Ascendant in Mansion #9: Aslesha
16 deg 40 min to 30 degrees sidereal Cancer

(approximately 10 to 23.5 Leo tropical)

Unlike the previous mansion, Pusha, Aslesha has no representation in the entertainment and media industries. This provides at least a small amount of evidence that there actually are differences among the 27 lunar divisions throughout the zodiac. The Moon in Aslesha gives some support for the poor reputation of this mansion, but Aslesha seems to sometimes have a different persona when the Sun and ascendant are there.

This mansion is said to be deceptive, devious and greedy, and to promote scandal. Mercury is the vimshottari planetary lord. The head of Hydra, the Water Serpent is here as well as the two brightest stars of Ursa Major, the Great Bear" alpha (Dubhe) and beta (Kochab). Let us hope that Aslesha has some more positive (occult?) qualities, for astrologers hold sway in this mansion with the largest total:

Sun degrees in Aslesha (ascendant also in Aslesha)
17.7 astrologer
21.0 astrologer
24.8 astro author and lectuerer
24.9 AFA member
25.6 astrologer
28.3 astrologer who writes for web sites
29.9 British pro astrologer

Politicians are represented in this mansion (Is this a surprise?)
18.8 Raul Wallenberg, rescued more than 12,000 Hungarian Jews at close of WW II
20.2 British politician
25.5 British politician
26.3 Fife Symington III, businessman and Arizona governor, forced out of office by scandal

In two of these cases we can see that some cleverness and deviousness was required, one for the good of humanity and one for personal financial gain. This is an example of characteristics of a mansion being used for diverse purposes.

Aslesha is said to have prominent sexual symbolism. Two charts support this reputation of the mansion:

In 23.7 there is Vicki Morgan, a homocide victim who from age 18 was the mistress of financier Alfred Bloomingdale. She was married three times, but Bloomingdale was her patron throughout her marriages. She dispensed her predominantly sado-masochistic favors in return for his lavish care. Morgan's life highlights the shadier side of Aslesha. The photo of Morgan on Wiki shows a rather frightening "serpentine" expression in her eyes.

28.7 is the Sun position for Akeva Poull, a spiritual healer with a lifelong addiction to sex. His daughter called him a Rasputin.

There is certainly support for Aslesha being one of the less fortunate mansions, possessing an energy that can be chaotic and difficult to deal with:

Tragedies and misfortune (Sun degrees in Aslesha, Asc also)
20.4 suicide (gunshot)
20.6 suicide
20.9 birth defect, died (Alpha Cancer, Acubens is at 19Cnc53.)
23.7 Vicki Morgan, homicide victim
24.9 birth defect (brain)
26.2 family distress 44979
26.8 suicide, wife of mafia boss
28.6 suicide, a singer
30.0 M.S. 7474

The 28th degree of Cancer is apparently a musical degree which can have a dual expression. At 28.6 is a singer who committed suicide. But at 28.1 is Cecilia Gasdia, a highly talented Italian soprano opera star who sang internationally.

Cancer as a whole
There are two possible trends in sidereal Cancer which might prove noteworthy if we had more cases. There is a religious theme (predominantly Catholic?) that might relate to Jupiter's importance for the sign.

02.6 Wirkus Mietek, Polish Catholic healer
15.3 Pericle Felici, Catholic cardinal
24.2 Gordon Joseph Gray, Catholic archbishop

There is also a possible psychological professional signature:

01.3 Leon Oziel, psychotherapist who used hypnosis
04.4 Frantz Fanon, psychotherapist
17.1 Robert L. Moore, Jungian psychologist, author, lecturer

Though numbers are small, I'm encouraged that this limited project which looks only at the Sun and ascendant together, seems to highlight a few observable differences among sidereal signs and mansions. I'll start a new topic for Leo through Scorpio, the second set of the three sets of signs which repeat the nine vimshottari planetary lords.

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Therese Hamilton

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Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As the topic of sign influence has come up on another thread, I'm posting a note here (17 April 2014) as a reminder of how the Sun on the ascendant can highlight traits or occupations in various signs. Sometimes the Sun's sign influence is obvious as in sidereal Aries, and other times it's more difficuilt to see a sign or mansion influence.

I've mainly separated the signs into the 13° 20' lunar mansions, but it may be that decanates are important as well. The ascendant sign won't be obvious unless planets are in that sign. If no planets are in the ascendant sign, then we look to the sign ruler and its aspects from other planets.

This thread contains Sun on the ascendant in Aries through Cancer. Leo through Scorpio are on another thread.
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