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Mysterectify Exercise

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Joined: 31 Oct 2012
Posts: 191
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:48 pm    Post subject: Mysterectify Exercise Reply with quote

The goal is to rectify the horoscope.,_Neil
Neil Alden Armstrong was born on Aug 5, 1930. Armstrong was born on his grandparents' farm in Auglaize County, near Wapakoneta, Ohio, on Washington Pike Road.
(Washington Pike Road runs East-West at 40n32'30" from 84w14 to 84w20)

Neil Armstrong, August 5, 1930, 12:31 a.m. EST; Washington, OH, USA (40N34, 84W12); AA: Lois Rodden quotes birth certificate in hand that gives Washington township in Auglaize County

some dates I collected from various sources:
there's lots of pages with stuff, have fun if you want.

Occupation: Astronaut, military pilot, and educator

child->parent relationship with Armstrong, Viola (born 7 May 1907)

Neil's first flight. Jul 26th 1936, or 20th?

Armstrong got his private pilot's license on Aug/05/1946 at the age of 16

Armstrong's call-up from the Navy arrived on January 26, 1949, requiring him to report to Naval Air Station Pensacola for flight training. This lasted almost 18 months, during which he qualified for carrier landing aboard the USS Cabot and USS Wright.

On August 16, 1950, two weeks after his 20th birthday, Armstrong was informed by letter he was a fully qualified Naval Aviator.

Armstrong first saw action in the Korean War on August 29, 1951, as an escort for a photo reconnaissance plane over Songjin.

Armstrong left the Navy at age 22 on August 23, 1952

He married Janet Shearon on January 28, 1956.

The couple had three children together: Eric, Karen, and Mark.[26] In June 1961, daughter Karen was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the middle part of her brain stem; X-ray treatment slowed its growth, but her health deteriorated to the point where she could no longer walk or talk. Two-year-old Karen died of pneumonia, related to her weakened health, on January 28, 1962.

on March 15, 1962, he was named as one of six pilot-engineers who would fly the space plane when it got off the design board.

On 16 March 1966, Armstrong flew his first space mission as command pilot of Gemini VIII

On April 5, 1967, the same day the Apollo 1 investigation released its report on the fire, Armstrong assembled with 17 other astronauts for a meeting with Deke Slayton. The first thing Slayton said was, The guys who are going to fly the first lunar missions are the guys in this room.

nearly killed On May 6, 1968 Armstrong was forced to use LLRV #1s ejection seat from about 200 feet altitude after a control problem, and had about four seconds on his full parachute before landing on the ground unhurt. [37seconds of video]

The landing on the surface of the moon occurred at 20:17:39 UTC on July 20, 1969.

10:56:20pm EDT 1st man to walk on the moon

Work : Prize 13 August 1969 (Ticker-tape parade in NYC)

in [Aug] 1971 Neil resigned from NASA after 17years of service. He moved to Ohio where he was a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati from 1971-79

new university job starts Oct 1 [1971]

Health : Accident (Non-fatal) 10 November 1978 (Had ring finger pulled off in an accident)
In the fall of 1979, Armstrong was working at his farm near Lebanon, Ohio. As he jumped off of the back of his grain truck, his wedding ring caught in the wheel, tearing off the tip of his ring finger. He collected the severed digit and packed it in ice, and surgeons reattached it at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

married on June 12, 1994 =his second wife, Carol Held Knight

Armstrong underwent bypass surgery on August 7, 2012

August 25, 2012, Neil Armstrong died of "complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures"

added Aug to quitting NASA data
added Oct 1 1971 - new university job

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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 396

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Ariondys,

Based (solely) on the events that you listed and after a cursory look, I would be leaning towards a corrected time of 12:39:42 am (EST). Asc: 5 4' Gemini

I will try to find a few more events and give more info later...

Take care,

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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 396

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Ariondys,

I got many more events for Neil Armstrong. The following are additional events provided by Isaac Starkman:

1. 6 July 1933 sister born
2. 22 Feb 1935 brother born
3. Sep 1947 University
4. 30 June 1957 Son Eric born
5. 13 Apr 1959 daughter Karen born
6. 8 Apr 1963 son Mark born
7. 3 Feb 1990 father died
8. 21 May 1990 mother died
9. 7 June 1951 promotion
10. 3 Sep 1951 shot down
11. 25 March 1952 back home
12. Nov 1960 elected
13. 21 Aug 1965 Gemini 5 flight
14. 16 March 1966 Gemini 8
15. 12 Sep 1966 Gemini 11
16. August 1971 retire
17. Feb 1991 heart attack
18. Jan 1980 retire
19. 8 June 1966 friend was killed

Using these added events, I come up with the rectification time of 12:31:26 CST. The time from Neil's Mother (and quoted in his biography) is for 12:31:30! There was some dispute as to the timezone that the time was recorded in, EST or CST. Checking the Primary Directions, etc. points to it having been recorded in CST. Isaac's (original) rectification was for 12:31:28 CST.

In other words, Isaac and I both arrive at 19 1' Gemini for an Ascendant.

Take care


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Joined: 31 Oct 2012
Posts: 191
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

What is the relative volume of primary directions of that time like compared to other (times for every 8 seconds?) peak times in the time segment between 0:31am CDT and 0:31 CST? Are there any other times that come in 2nd and 3rd places. What makes this time good. Describe the signatures of the moon landing please.

This is what I'm referencing to assume I know what's going on from your end.

Polaris makes calculations for 10,800 moments for all the events and displays the following birth time table:

27 Feb 1932 11.09.36 scores= 588
27 Feb 1932 14.08.56 scores= 551
27 Feb 1932 04.34.40 scores= 537
27 Feb 1932 01.54.24 scores= 523

Does it weight conjunctions with more value?
Does the times set it offers rearrange priorities if you selectively edit out events?

Now... I did have a time in mind when I created this thread, though it doesn't seem to be the kind of exercise people here want to try much. I don't know why. Rectification should be a skill as much as dilineating a chart, and trying to predict the future can only be very hard without knowing the chart metagnoticates the past.

I find it, apparently instructive, to try, if/when I can find a time I like, and then it seems to be quite descriptive and metagnostical of the timeline with any new event added on as it is found.

So, anyone is still welcome to offer a rectification.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 396

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Ariondys

Discussion of the specifics of rectification with Polaris should be in another thread. I'd be happy to answer what I can there...

As for the astrology connected to the rectification of Neil Armstrong, that seems topical. Wink

You wanted to know about the astrology relative to Primary Directions at the timing of the Moonwalk: "Describe the signatures of the moon landing please."

With a properly rectified chart, normally, there are often major conjunctions or oppositions that line up for major events. In this case, it is the same. This historic flight is demonstrated mainly by two Primary occurred as Neil Armstrong's Mercury directed to oppose his 11th House Uranus. As Uranus in the 11th is clearly symbolic of any major scientific accomplishments that he would set as goals (his natal Mars-Uranus sextile highlighting technical abilities) and we have Mercury (significator for Neil, since he is Gemini rising as well as Mercury-Uranus being perfect for something performed by a technician) in the 5th, in this case also symbolic of his creative statement, "one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." This aspect is exact...not to the degree, but to the minute!

His historic journey also took place as his 9th House cusp (Topocentric only) directed to conjoin his Moon by converse motion. This is also perfectly symbolic of his flight... it could not be stated more clearly, his 9th (long journeys) moves to conjoin the 7th House Moon [orb: 0 6'], just as he journeys to the Moon and becomes immensely famous for doing so. Maybe it's coincidence? :p

Re: Rectification

I agree that it's at least as important as delineation, since the delineation is likely to be (on some level, potentially) flawed if the chart being used is not correct. What techniques one uses will determine the absolute accuracy desired. To use Primary Directions (and expect tight maturity of aspect to event), one will need a birthtime accurate to just seconds of time.

Take care

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Joined: 31 Oct 2012
Posts: 191
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, well that's 2 weekends. The time I silently figured was long enough to wait. It's time to display my answer.

As a result of simply setting the chart to possess MC/MA conj. UR which was an idea I took up in the 1st 3 seconds of looking at the base chart for 00:31

Some aspects come within 1 degree.

Mars sextile Uranus
capacity for rapid, decisive action. willpower, courage. unique accomplishments may bring fame and high position. do or die attitude, even to the extent that the will is too powerful for the body that must house it. mechanical ability; electronics and scientific interests. especially favours those who are involved with aviation.

Uranus sextile MC
gives exceptional talent to the profession and gaining the support of people in prominent positions. Friends help further his professional advancement. favorable for politics.

Mars trine MC
strengthens ambitions and determination to rise in the career. energetic and hardworking in their field thus inspiring confidence in others and gaining their cooperation. lead active life, quick in response, and accomplishes much.

and much more... to be noticed later

The following Primary Directions make a bold statement about this being a rectification worth pursuing, which I did...

Time: about 00:56:15 CDT

The following image symbols suggest to me the authors of the texts knew Armstrong possessed these degrees. I can't imagine astrologers of the past not trying to rectify Neil Armstrong before.

AS=9-10 Gemini
10th Degree of Gemini

Sabian Symbol by Rudyar

An aeroplane performing a nose dive.

keynote: superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger.

Through the controlled use of mental powers man is able to challenge the most basic force in nature: gravitation. He enjoys playing with it as a lion tamer with his violent animals. But what he challenges is within himself as well as outside. Gravitation is the universal binding force of the material world. By challenging it man prepares himself to pierce beyond the physical and to reach higher realms of existence. He may lose the struggle, but that prospect makes the effort more exciting. He might gain "immortality"

This is the final stage of the 14th sequence. The symbol for it has a strong sense of finality. No possibility of half measures existt. Man is committed irrevocably to success or failure-at least as a conscious and self-reliant mind. The alternatives are clear-cut. One may describe it as MIND VS. MATTER, or as man's will against the fate that gravitation so aptly symbolizes.

MC=15-16 Aquarius
16th Degree Aquarius symbol by Koppejan

A fine ship under full sail is disappearing over a serene sea lit up by the rising sun. On the beach two mean wearing armour and mounted on fantastical animals, watch the departing ship. One is riding a unicorn and the other a sea-horse or perhaps a dolphin.

This is a degree of 'aspiration'. It is one of the most peculiar and, as it is in the middle of the zodiac sign, one of the most important.

On the mundane and physical level people with this degree prominent are so adventurous as to be almost, or even quite idiotic. They just cannot stay at home (Cn. hind-axis). They are drawn irrestibly to far-away countries and fanstastic adventures. They can have a true love of the sea or urge to explore other continents and, yes, even other worlds in space. They may undertake expeditions, take part in space travel (Aq.) or they may merely be avid to read and known about these subjects. They are true crusaders, and they may become famous, perhaps as leaders of such teams or parties.

Last edited by Ariondys on Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:37 am; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Posts: 396

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Ariondys,

Re: "AS=9-10 Gemini, 10th Degree of Gemini"

His Mother documented the time to the nearest 30 seconds!

The thought that she would record the time in seconds and yet be many minutes off (enough to make Asc = 9 - 10 Gemini) is pretty far-fetched.

The Primary Directions show that he was born just 2 to 4 seconds before the time that his Mother noted.

His Mother noted 12:31:30 and she was only seconds off...


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