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Will I successfully gain Muscle Mass?

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Clinton Soule

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Posts: 471
Location: Reno, Nevada

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:38 am    Post subject: Will I successfully gain Muscle Mass? Reply with quote

This horary is bothering me in that unless someone has a medical ailment, something that can hinder one who aspires to gain muscle, anyone basically can gain muscle mass.

But the querant asked:

Will I successfully gain Muscle Mass?

Time: 6:41 pm

9 / 12 / 2013

Reno, Nevada, USA . . . . . . . 39n32 . . . . . 119w49 . . . . .

If no one enlarges the horoscope or re-calculates a chart from this particular website it tends to stay indefinitely.

Of course we get more input when their is a map shown on one's post, so if anyone wishes to post the chart, thank you beforehand!

The Asc and Luna are always the querant, and with Luna coming out of a square to Sol I can see both the challenge as squares are challenges and the problem!

Like I did for years, some novice astrologer is going to say that Luna is VOC, but she is most certainly NOT!

"Separation, it is in the first place, when two Planets are departed but six minutes distances from each other, as let SA be in 10. degr. and 25. of Aries and JU in 10. degr. and 25. min. of Aries: now in these degrees and minutes they are in perfect 0; but when JU shall get into 10. degr. and 31. or 32. minutes of Aries, he shall said to be separating from SA; yet because SA hath 9. degr. allowed him for his rayes, and JU hath also the same number allowed him, JU cannot be said to be totally separated or cleere from the rayes of SA, untill he hath got 9. whole degrees further into ar, or is fully 9. degr. distant from him, for the halfe of JU his orbe is 4. degr. 30. min. and the halfe of SA his orbe is 4. degr. 30. min. added together they make 9. whole degrees; for every Planet that applies is allowed halfe his owne orbs and halfe the orbs of that Planet from whom he separates: As if SO and MO be in any aspect, the MO shall then be separated from the SO, when she is fully distant from the SO 7. degr. and 30. min. viz. half the orbs or the SO, and 6. degr. the moity of her owne orbes; in all 13. degr. and 30. minutes."

Thus the Moon is separating from a squ to Sol!

Jupiter rules the querant and the matter as this is Not a query about your health which is more of a 6th house matter, but of your physical appearance, your body, which is the 1H.

Amazingly, and horaries many times are so amazing symbolicly, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and rules expansion, which you seek to optimisticly increase muscle mass, a 1st house matter; your physical body in somewhat of a narcistic way.

Mercury in Libra is the first aspect that will pefect to Jupiterand the aspect is Mercury square Jupiter, generally a NO answer!

Note: - One of the most popular lists of orbs, used by the likes of William Lilly and Ibn Ezra. Lilly was never authoritative on the matter of orbs and admitted of the two lists: 'I sometimes use the one and sometimes the other as my memory serves me best'. In practice, he tended to favour the list of Al-Biruni.

So the Maximum orb factor or moiety is 9 degrees and 30 minutes according to this table.

15 degrees 58 minutes
-06 degrees 10 minutes
9 degrees 48 minutes

That is 18 minutes over the maximum from the prior site's data's tolerance, yet Lilly didn't always follow Al Biruni's table either.

By Firmicus's Table it is within the moiety so it would show not only perfection but yes since they are in moiety, it would represent a No answer!

Now as you may have been paying attention, the first aspect to the lord is Not the total answer, Anthony Louis in his Moderne period stated ' was accurate like weather forecasting about 85% of the time..', Lilly weighed many factors to find a true verdict so I'll do the point system tomorrow!

What bothers me here and at present I have Not see it in the horary, but is the querant coming into an accident that will prevent the querant to workout?

Or is he just not going to get motivated to do the work nessasarily to gain muscle?

Clinton Garrett Soule

Wise men truly know how little they know
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Joined: 17 Nov 2011
Posts: 412
Location: Kent - England

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting queestion. Could one take into account that the Moon is waxing? A sign of expansion. There is also reception between the significators though no aspect.

On the subject of expansion Saturn is conj NN. As ruler of the twelfth it could point to a period of confinement in the gym but I am clutching at straws here. Unless he is in jail at the moment.

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