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Trouble posting Horoscopes

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Clinton Soule

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Posts: 471
Location: Reno, Nevada

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:25 pm    Post subject: Trouble posting Horoscopes Reply with quote

In the post about the Lost Driver's License, that Stanstar has been working on it seems a few of us are having trouble posting charts via this Forum.

I travel quite a lot and sometimes various guest computers in coffee shops or librarys have provisions against the posting feature that is popular on this site so this may help.

If one goes to, and uses the 'Liz Greene style' of horoscopes, and keeps the size at 75%, and Does Not enlarge the horoscope, but Copys & Pastes the web address of the horary chart to the Forum Post, an artist can Send, or Download the map to their screen, and it may make it easier for Forum members to work with. Do Not enlarge or change the data on or the horoscope may dissapear I have found. When you are done with the horoscope just hit that 'X' icon that gets rid of the webpage and all is well! The horary chart in question that one may click upon and it magicly appears:

Note: You can't change the data or try to calculate another chart or the new chart will take the horoscope's place.;lang=e;gm=a1;nho2=;btyp=2;mth=gr;sday=28;smon=6;syr=2012;hsy=5;zod=;orbp=;rs=2;add=18;node=-Yn;pfday=-YP%201;fix=1;ast=&nhor=1&cid=ysxfileyOCEzq-u1340918299

But as of right now I'm going to re-read the posts on that 'Lost Driver's License topic' where I might learn how to post horoscopes under 'computer friendly environments' that don't limit that action!

Clinton Garrett Soule
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Clinton Soule

Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Posts: 471
Location: Reno, Nevada

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not trying to cross post but as many of us know posting charts is many times very difficult for various reasons.

When you have trouble posting as various computers throughout the USA in coffee shops forbid this action try this:

1)go to under 'Free Horoscopes' on their home page

2) after you have clicked with your mouse Free Horoscopes go to the bottom of the page and click upon 'Extended Chart Selection'

3)Then where it says 'Chart Drawing Style' keep the 'Web Default Style' as it's less offensive to the Ultra-Trads who are diligent horary students, or one may use 'Liz Greene style' but beware that some Traditionalists hate the thought of Modernes mentioned in horary; blasphemy to some artists.

4)Under 'House System' put Regiomontanus because Lilly did.

5)Under "Image Size' put 75%

6) After you have put in your horoscope data, DOB, Place, Time, and created the horoscope Do Not enlarge it but copy the web address and put upon the post.

It will Not disappear unless one calculates another chart from that horoscope on or enlarges it as it tends to dissappear.

When you are on computers that forbid the horoscopes as are encouraged on Skyscript Forum that is one of the few ways of posting the chart but the guidelines have to be followed or you'll end up with these No Image horoscopes in less than 24 hours.

This method I use when I visit other localitys because in most cases the method that Skyscript would like is forbidden on those computers.

Clinton Garrett Soule
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