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Shastiamsas (1/2 Degree Sign Sub-division)

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Therese Hamilton

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Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:25 pm    Post subject: Shastiamsas (1/2 Degree Sign Sub-division) Reply with quote

This topic was suggested by study of three "time twin" charts posted on the Navamsa topic: two serial killers and one woman (Susan) who deeply values life. This is the link to the charts:
(Pages 4, 5 and 6 under the Navamsa topic)

The Shastiamsa is the 60th division of a sign, each Shastiamsa being 30 minutes of arc or half a degree. In Elements of Vedic Astrology Dr. K. S. Charak says that Sage Parashara emphasized the great predictive utility of this sub-division. The best summary of capsule meanings of the Shastiamsas that I've seen is in Robert DeLuce's Constellational Astrology (1963). (Re-published in 2010 by Kessinger Publishing) I'll use these in referring to the three birth charts.

DeLuce writes that the Shastiamsas are used to distinguish differences in character, fate and fortune between individuals. Their Sanskrit names were adapted to English to reveal their character and influence. The Shastiamsa positions for the two serial killers and Susan are quite interesting. It makes sense that the Ascendant and Moon would be the most significant as these change the most frequently. (The degrees are Krishnamurti, and would be completely different for the Fagan ayanamsa.)

Susan: 21Tau09 #18: Chandra--The Moon; reflection, memory, intelligence, beauty
This is a particularly appropriate symbol for Susan because she has the Moon on cusp 7, and navamsa Moon on natal cusp 9. The Moon is said to have a gentle character.

Richard: 16Tau21 #27: Kali; strife, worst, loss disappointment or ruin

Bundy: 2 Leo 01 or 1Leo59: Since Bundy's ascendant is only one minute into the second degree of Leo, his ascendant may be earlier in the first degree.
1Leo59 (or less): Kubera--God of treasure (akin to Pluto); deformed, monstrous, lazy
2Leo01 (or greater): Yakshavali--Ghost, spirit; Generally inoffensive, though sometimes classed with malignant spirits. (With the Lahiri ayanamsa, Bundy's ascendant would be Kubera.)

Susan: 22Sco16 #16: Sarpa--Demon of the Sky; Danger of injury by subtle means

Richard: 3Sag38 #8: Kulaguna--Destroyer of family

Bundy: 24Sco41 #11: Maya--In early usage, wisdom, supernatural power; Later, illusion, fraud, trickery, sorcery, witchcraft

ASCENDANT LORD (Susan and Richard have the same Taurus ascendant with Venus as lord.)
Susan: 27Lib43 #56: Sithala--Cool; cold; free from passion
Richard: 27Lib15 #55: Krura--cruel, fierce, malignant (Venus is retrograde.)
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