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A Family Conflict and a Haunted House

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Andrew Bevan

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Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:34 pm    Post subject: A Family Conflict and a Haunted House Reply with quote

A Family Conflict and a Haunted House

Check these out - I had two horary consultations straight after one another. The one involved a family conflict between mother and daughter two months ago, the other involves a presence or haunting of a building that began at about the same time, two months prior to today's date. I'm including the chart for the latter consultation held at 19.43 CEST, July 20, 2014, Asker.

I find these two consultations interesting in terms of how supressed conflicts are coming to surface and that they related to cases that that at the same time. And both obviously relate to the Moon coming off the opposition of stationary Saturn. The gentleman with the haunted house says that there is excessive heat involved - and even if they open the windows and air the house regularly with and outside temperature of 13-14 C, the temperature inside keeps rising to 28-29 C with heat coming from the floor.

The horary charts have the Moon in Taurus, a fixed sign and in the 5th house, that could describe the daugther or children. The Moon is coming off stationary Saturn in Scorpio, so there is involved to repression or limit of freedom. With the Sun in the degree of Mars fall in Cancer, there may have been a severe family conflict, disagreement, experience of unfairness or even abuse or maltreatment.

In terms of the conflict between the mother and daughter, where there is no desire for forgiveness or reconciliation, I have suggested the will take time and the matter may lie in harness for 10-12 months. This was also in view of that the 1st degree of Scorpio was on the Midheaven of this 1st chart, so the matter was due to collapse. In relation to the Haunted house I am finding all this excessive heat very interesting, and it must be due to anger or the experience of being trapped, held captive or abused. Note that Jupiter in the Leo and sign next to the Cancer Sun is saved from combustion, yet still under the Suns beams. I told the gentleman that if this had a physical cause it looked like a thermostat or fuse had blown - but it it was something that had come to stay it looked as if the entity was in need of confirmation and would continue to reside in the building for 10 weeks or even 10 months.

I don't have a lot of ghost stories come my way, but they occasionally do, with people observing abnormal or supernatural phenomena. If anyone has an interest in the Haunted House, what coudl be the story behind and how to treat it - there are some people here who sure would be interested to know.
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