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It surely can't be this easy...?!

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Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:24 pm    Post subject: It surely can't be this easy...?! Reply with quote

Thought I would post this in the light of events in the UK banking system this week. (For those from overseas, the 5th biggest bank here, Northern Rock has run into difficulties and there has been almost a run on it with many people trying to get their money out).

In early August I did some analysis of the UK financial stocks to see how the eclipses would affect them- and specifically the eclipse of 28th Sept as the degree will be reactivated by a saturn venus conjunction in October.

Here is ( completely unedited) the section on banking (insurances and other financials were less exciting). I extracted all planets at the degrees of the lunar eclipse and those square it. Degrees are listed as portion of 360 rather than by sign.

The impact on share prices, Friday, was a 30 % reduction in Northern Rock, about 8% in Bradford and Bingley and Alliance and Leicester, and around 4% in HBOS. On the other hand there was almost no movement in Lloyds. I listed them in order of risk at the time I originally printed the list off and it almost corresponds perfectly with the size of the share price decreases.

It is also interesting to note that the astrology suggests some of the bigger banks are being affected internally ( incorporation charts) though their share price ( listing charts) is not so impacted.

I never expected such a simple correlation.

For those of you curious as to whether I made money out of this one, I did contemplate taking a position in Northern Rock but decided against it as the shares had already been falling all 2007. Should have had more faith in the efficacy of eclipses! The preceding lunations can been seen as indicating the trend/direction of movement and the eclipse just appears to have magnified it.

alliance & Leicester incorp
151 Natal Mars
157 Progressed Mars
241 Natal Pt Fortune
246 Natal Pluto
246 Progressed Pluto

alliance & Leicester listing
154 Natal Black Moon
155 Progressed Black Moon
245 Progressed Pluto
245 Natal Pluto
334 Progressed Moon
335 Natal Midheaven

barclays incorp
157 Progressed Jupiter

Barclays listing
60 Progressed Ascendant
244 Natal Midheaven
334 Progressed Sun

bradford & Bing incorp
155 Natal Midheaven
336 Progressed Mercury

Bradford & Bingley listing
64 Progressed Jupiter
65 Natal Jupiter
241 Natal Mercury

HBOS incorp
61 Natal Saturn
62 Progressed Saturn
66 Progressed Mercury
66 Progressed Pt Fortune

HBOS listing
332 Natal Black Moon
333 Progressed Black Moon

HSBC incorp
156 Natal Pluto
156 Progressed Pluto
241 Natal Mercury
245 Natal Jupiter
246 Progressed Mercury

Lloyds TSB incorp
151 Progressed Pt Fortune

Lloyds TSB Listing
246 Natal Saturn

Northern Rock incorp
151 Progressed Ascendant
156 Progressed Mars
242 Natal Pluto
242 Progressed Pluto

Northern Rock listing
242 Natal Mars
243 Progressed Venus
243 Natal Pluto
244 Progressed Pluto
334 Progressed Pt Fortune

Royal Bank of Scotland listing
62 Natal Black Moon
67 Progressed Black Moon
154 Natal Jupiter
156 Natal Ascendant
157 Progressed Mercury
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