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Simple wins

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Andrew Bevan

Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 4676
Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 4:24 pm    Post subject: Simple wins Reply with quote

I'll be posting a few charts here that refer to winnings in one form of speculation or another:

Two tickets won 3 prizes!
The first one is cast for the purchase of two scrape tickets at 15.41 LST (13.41GMT), 20.04.2007, Asker, Norway. The scrape lottery includes two games on every ticket. The tickets won minor prizes only but it is interesting that BOTH tickets won and that the one ticket actually won in both games. The one ticket gave a double money return on the odds 1:10, the other ticket gave a double money return through winning two games with the odds 1:4, or rather, the likelyhood of this occuring is 1:16. I never experience a ticket giving a payback in both games before, but that is probably because I don't go under the category of an every day gambler.

The astrology shows the tickets purchased on the day and hour of Venus, with Venus ruling the Virgo ascendant by triplicity. The Moon is 13GE21 and EXACTLY sextile my natal Sun at 13LE21. Jupiter at 19SA27 is but one minute (!) past the exact trine to its position in my nativity (where it rules the 2nd & 5th houses). The MC is 5GE50, which is exact the cusp of my 8th house at 5GE45.

Note that the prize was only 2:1, while the odds for winning were 1:10 and 1:16. This is the way the lottery company make their money and also build the kitty up to fund the extremely scarce high prizes. Another way of calculating the chance of drawing 3 wins in a row is 1:10 * 1:16 = 1:160. If you consider the winning ticket that funded the purchase of the these tickets, the result would be 4 wins in a row with the odds 1:640. But the return is still only 2:1 !!!
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Andrew Bevan

Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 4676
Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The election of March 1. that won close to GBP 700,- on March 3. with 6 out of the 7 winning numbers in the Norwegian lotto (odds 1:28463) continues to baffle me. Remember that a 2nd coupon delivered at the same moment had 5 out of 7 winning numbers (odds 1:730) also turned up with an interesting prize. The election chart is not easy to duplicate, but it gives such a lot of clues! Take another look!!

I would encourage anyone interested to look up the initial interpretation of the chart on the first page of the topic called 'The Basics of getting it right'. However, I continue to make new discoveries:

The election is made for the day and hour of Jupiter with a Leo ascendant. Leo is the sign of my natal Sun. Jupiter is dignified in his own sign in the 5th house. The Moon needs but 16' of arc to be exactly conjunct my natal Sun. She is in the 1st house and applies to the trine of Jupiter. The election also connects to my natal by retrograde Mercury being within 2' of my natal Moon.

Now comes the new stuff:
It has occured to me that it is extremely imortant to take in consideration the preceding syzygy and make those planet of importance to this lunation important in the election chart. To quote Bonatus: "In all questions see whether the lord of the preceding syzygy be in any of the angles, for then the business will be accomplished unless it be the querents fault, although by other significations the thing seemed unlikely." And deducted from Barclay & Ptolemey: If the syzygy does not relate to the chart, then the event or question is not of great importance and the children (or matter) will be nondescript."

Now in the election chart Saturn is lord of the preceding syzygy, which is the previous New Moon at 28AQ37. Saturn is in the 2nd house of the election chart and gives fortitude to the matters of my monies. The Moon moves to the body of Saturn and gives force to the placement. Mars, who is angular on the cusp of the 7th house, is ruler of the 5th house, but he also has rulership over the preceding syzygy by term.

The Moon (conjunct my natal Sun) is in the 1st house but also in a sesquiquadrate aspect to the Midheaven. Jupiter, who is lord of the hour, is in an exact sesquiquadrate to the ascendant. The latter observations of the minor hard aspects, sharpen up the chart immensely. Both the Moon and the lord of the hour relate to the angles by 'hard' or dynamic aspects. Together with with interaction and cooperation of the preceding syzygy this may hold the keys to why two coupons in no way related to each other apart from being delivered at the same momement both broke through and won at impressive odds.
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