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Did he hack my account(s)?

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Joined: 24 Jul 2017
Posts: 218

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:09 pm    Post subject: Did he hack my account(s)? Reply with quote

Hi all
Posting here my last chart before the year ends
I suspect someone hacked my facebook and email account.
The first chart I pulled up asked - "Did someone hack into any of my online accounts?" I was in a nervous state and that explained my putting forth a question in haste and getting a zero degree rising in that chart. So I discarded that chart and waited some more time to ask again.

Later when I thought about it , I grew more and more convinced that it could have only been the doing of one particular friend. We attend the same hobby classes and he was someone whom I had dated many years back for a little while . But we were never partners or lovers so I believe the 11th house is more relevant for him. But I'm not sure and it can be the 7th as well as of late our relationship had turned sour. So I asked the question again with him in mind. This time my query was ---

"Did he hack my email or other online accounts?"

The chart is radical as I am shown by Mercury which rules over all communication matters and Mercury is posited in the suspicious Scorpio in 3rd house of communication.

The friend is 11 H ruler Moon looking dignified in Cancer making no aspect with Mercury (me). Im taking the 3rd house ruler Mars as the significator for my online accounts and Moon perfects a square with it. If we take Jupiter as his significator then we see a separating aspect between Jupiter and Mars (online account) but still no aspects with Mercury (my sig). And Jupiter is also dignified in its domain.

The two T squares stand out but I don't know how to read them . Mars, Moon and Uranus and Mars , Moon and Saturn.

Mercury is seen separating from Saturn (I don't know what Saturn can be over here) and Neptune (did I just forget the password or some such goof ups on my behalf?)

I would very much appreciate additional insights on this chart? And especially I would like an opinion on the correct significator for email and other online accounts. Most importantly I was wondering if we should particularly look for an aspect between his significator and my signifcator or whether a separating aspect between him and my email accounts (3H ruler) is enough?

Thanks for looking and happy holidays!

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Joined: 07 Apr 2020
Posts: 60

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Serene,

Mercury is under the beams. Yes, I think somebody tried to hack in with some success.

John Frawley in Horary Textbook used Mercury, letters' & documents' natural ruler, to signify a lost document. Emails are basically letters. (Confession: I was so tempted to say Uranus, but then I don't use outer in horary. I think the seven old guys must be enough in laying out most info we need.)

Apart from being too close to the sun, Mercury isn't exactly happy in Scorpio, dignified only by Term. Neither is L3 Mars in Libra. Bonatti would say you need two minor dignities to be dignified.

For "hacker", I think we're really looking for a thief here. William Lilly once did this. He pinned the thief on a weak planet in an angular house + ruler of 7th. Only in his case, he was 100% certain that someone stole his fish.

I see a weak Venus in H4. Combining it with L7 Jupiter, do you see your friend?

Beginner's two cents.

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