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Turkey - 2019 update (Tropical)

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Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:09 am    Post subject: Turkey - 2019 update (Tropical) Reply with quote

i have done a number of posts on turkey since around the time i visited turkey in 2012..
essentially turkey is at the cross roads of a lot of geopolitics, especially between russia it's neighbour to the north, syria to the south and usa to the west... specifically an issue over whether turkey would accept the russian s-400 system and what that would mean for the open contract for the f 35 fighter jets from the usa.. as it turns out, turkey has received the s-400 system and the usa is saying they are not going to be receiving the f 35 planes from the usa.. for a good general overview, you can read M. K. BHADRAKUMAR's article from today.. bhadrakumar is an indian diplomat, so there is a spin on this from the nation of india -

here are the previous posts i have done on turkey below.. - 2012 thread.. - 2016 thread.. - 2017 thread...

below is a chart of turkey on the inside and the transits of a week ago - friday july 12th when turkey accepted delivery of some of the components of the s-400 and when trump made his response to this... see article for more details..

essentially the transit data highlight the eclipse cycle here over the ascendant axis with saturn-pluto-ketu in turkeys 7th house.. knowing just who your friends or enemies are would be an important consideration given the transit of saturn-pluto-ketu in the 7th..

below is a biwheel with turkey inside and converse solar arc directions on the outer wheel.. i think the placement of solar arc mars and pluto highlight the dynamic at work at present from my own personal intuitive perceptive.. my intuition tells me erdogan is still not out of the woods yet and that there are some who would like to take him out so way or the other...

off the turkey chart i am using, the profection year is gemini until this october when it becomes cancer - focus on moon.. in the direct solar arcs moon is less then a degree off an exact conjunction with natal mars at 7 libra.. moon rules ascendant and mars rules houses 10/5 using whole sign houses and skipping where the midheaven degree is.. as one can see in the converse sa's pluto is about 1 year away from an exact square to the ascendant via the midheaven... one can see how the converse solar arc data also lines up with the transits at present as well..

all in all a number of possibilities exist for turkey here.. erdogan has really organized himself in a way to retain power, but my impression is not everyone is happy with him as leader.. there was the coup attempt a few years ago which only cemented his position further as i see it.. meanwhile he is working with russia to deal with the idlib dynamic in syria.. some accuse turkey of supporting the terrorists... then there are the kurds in syria and iraq that have been given huge support by the usa-israel-ksa and etc in northeast syria which is a real sore spot for turkey.. essentially the syria dynamic is a dangerous set up for the possibility of conflict spiraling out of control.. the usa continues to set up shop in syria using the al taaf to train ? for what? israel demands that iran leave syria, but russia suggests they could help if the usa was to leave syria... etc. etc... hopefully you can all see what i am seeing here... turkeys role in all of the goings on in syria is very important..

i really don't know how this plays out, but i believe turkey is making decisions to the best of its ability and walking a very fine line in it all.. this is the problem being located right next to a country slated for regime change that have somehow gotten a large number of moderate headchoppers with supporting weapons from ??? who continue to plague parts of syria... turkey is central to all of this as i see it, as is irael, iran, usa, russia, ksa and etc..

below is the solar return for 2018 which lines up with mercury profection year.. essentially one focuses on the natal mercury and its position in the solar return for an understanding of the dynamic for the year oct 18 - oct 2019... being gemini 12th profection year is mostly considered more challenging and 12th house like.. it gets modified depending on how mercury is situated natally and in the solar return chart... same deal for the moon profection year starting this oct 2019.. focus on moon in the natal and solar return chart and generally viewed more positively as it is a 1st house profection year...

below is the solar return for 2019 starting this oct 2019 which coincides with moon profection year...
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