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Sidereal vs Tropical
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Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

After many years of reading Archetypical, psychological astrology books, I took a long hiatus with astrology because I have a very strong Chiron/healer and I was involved in the healing arts.

I began writing for a financial website with a forum. A gentleman began a forum on cycles and was posting work that was excruciatingly accurate. he was predicting mundane events to the day, and sometimes location. He was predicting market turns to the day. Unless you are finally with the tradition of financial astrology, I wasn't, you see very few people that can predict market turns with that degree of accuracy.

So I'n paying attention. And I suspect, behind his cycles work is an astrologer. I became friends with him and began to study with him and back into the world of cycles, astrology. I then became aware of other individuals practicing mundane forecasting and were again quite accurate.

Ny eyes were open to area's of astrology, I hadn't been made aware of reading all the sane type of modern astrology books. I even read articles by Horary astrologers, an area I wasn't very much interested in or knew anything about, and one in particular had a track record years long helping people find things and all sorts of stuff.

They all use tropical. however, in sone cases, especially in financial astrology, you do look at sidereal and heliocentric ingresses. So both can be exceeding accurate.

I also learned many techniques and dimensions to market forecasting that I never heard talked about on forums or in books by the most notable astrologists of our tine.

Deep down, I want to know about our journey as soul and to Know Thyself. So I thought, let ne go back to natal and general astrology and look at how to apply what I learned in financial astrology to mundane. I found resources of people, very few, sometimes one book, of people who applied these techniques to natal chart. You know the books with no reviews or one review while the guy teaching at the New Age Institutes get 100 5 star reviews.

I have had readings from pre-eimnent authors and never walked away like I had been seen. It was like they got part but not the important things I needed to know. This is where I concluded. I gotta do it myself.

There are alot of reasons why a tropical reading could be in accurate and a sidereal reading more accurate especially if you have planets on the cusp of houses and the astrologer didn't rectify your chart. None of my astrologists ever bothered with it. Sone, few, find it mandatory to do with every chart.

It's not the only reason why a reading, even from a famous person, doesn't see you.

If you have watched a great astrologer work with tropical, it would never be a question. It's also not a natter of which one? Because both can be deftly used.

Botton line: Both work. Tropical works and there is no dirth of evidence available on the internet in the area's I've mentioned. It will take your breath away. For somebody to switch systems and tell somebody they are another sign without doing any form of rectification, well, I'n not interested in signing anything.

I think too many people hang shingles out before they have done the research. House, sign, planets, aspects wasn't enough for me as a client, and it is not enough for me as an astrologer. It would never work to make money in markets. Markets are nothing but the collective conscious of the group that is being effected by the planetary forces. So if it works on a group level, it has validity on an individual level.

Also, there is historic evidence that tropical was used even before Ptolemy and science is beginning to discover relationships with the Fixed stars that we didnt' know before. All this is available in the public domain and overcoming these questions is part of becoming an astrologer.
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