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julian assange

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3092
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:10 am    Post subject: julian assange Reply with quote,_Julian

he seems to be in the news more lately.. i was curious to look at his chart, however their is speculation on the time of day he is born... 3pm is a B rating at adb.... i have done the chart here for 3pm...

the 3pm time is the one we have with the B rating... it has many astro characteristics that i like... 4 planets on the angles and the nodal axis also on the angle, suggesting someone who is a public figure and in the limelight, in spite of the position of sun and moon in the 8/12th house..

sun in cancer in the 8th - the sect lord, ruled by moon in scorpio in the 12th and he remains in prison essentially, with no sign of being let out... now, equador - whether under pressure from the usa/uk and poodles, or whatever? is finding it difficult to continue in the present way... perhaps new leadership in equador is part of it..

the solar arc data is mostly a wash given everything is 45 itself in the 90 degree wheel... one can't rely on the most important points - the movement of the angles... in 2 years sun squares jupiter - ruler of his first house and this year continues to be a jupiter in scorpio year - which is where it is in his chart... things look more positive as transit jupiter gets to the natal position of jupiter and perhaps if the 3pm time is close - to his ascendant...

profection year this year starting at his birthday in july is a 12th house scorpio one using the 3pm sag rising chart... mars in the solar return is at 9 aquarius in the 11th, with it ruling the solar return aries ascendant.. it squares onto his natal moon - not in itself a bad thing, but might be greater agitation to move... i believe julian has a child as memory serves.. i note chiron in the 5th sign aries, so it is making a return this coming year or so.. i wonder if a desire to connect with his son is a factor that might influence him here? i doubt julian is going to step outside the equador embassy, but it is always possible... by 2020 the swedish legal limbo will be over.. at that point if he is still in the embassy, perhaps it will define the big change.. that goes with solar arc mars opp natal uranus - 2-3 years as well as the sa square sun - 2 years..

2019 looks like a better year for him, especially looking at the solar return chart, using 3pm.. it will also coincide with sag / jupiter profection year.. perhaps his freedom lies closer to 1 -2 years away..

i wonder how much the skripal / cambridge analytica info that wikileaks has shared have anything to do with the timing of his internet connection being cut off... it would seem that there is a concerted effort to keep him silent, in spite of the wikileak revelations that the usa/uk have been consciously suppressing any talk on novichoks with the opcw organization at least as far back as 2006... then you have cambridge analytica parent company scl with connections right up to the british royalty and aside from it looking like the uk, (much more then russia) stole the usa's election, we have the continued witch hunt on russia, thanks the skripal event with everything top secret around this - russia being guilty until proven innocent and the uk stonewalling any questions that russia has asked of them, france and the opcw... hopefully some answers will be forth coming.. i can't help think there are some important connections in all of this back to wikileaks/assange..

back to assange chart... venus is generally favourably placed in the 3pm birth time chart... solar return venus is conjunct the 3pm midheaven... it is also opposite natal mars at 21 aquarius..

i suspect assange walks free within 3 years, but the amount of hatred the media, cia usa/uk/sweden and etc have managed to stir up on him has been a very successful character assassination either way... while it might not seem orchestrated, but comes across as a very orchestrated dynamic, much like the 'russia did it' dynamic over the skripal affair... it would seem, aside from the propaganda war going on, every effort is continuing to be made on the silencing of wikileaks and all it has revealed on the dark underbelly of our world at present... like or hate assange, he has paved the way for a number of other whistleblowers like chelsea manning and edward snowden... from my own point of view he is a hero that will be remembered long after many others are forgotten..

edit - image fix...

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 1187

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting stuff, that I didn't know. I just get the feeling that some sort of huge Smoke Screen is being blown across our faces.

I remember when De Mendez was shot on the Tube, the next day all sorts of slanderous facts appeared about him.

A real hatch job, which was ONLY put right years later in Court, by which time of course the majority had moved on.

I hadn't heard anything about Wikileaks and Novichok.

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3092
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

there is a buzz about julian assange walking from the equador embassy in the uk.. here is one quote ": “My sources tell me that Julian Assange will be handed over to the UK in the next weeks or days. "

i don't know if i articulated it properly in the original post here, but i have 3 birth times for julian... the one i used up top is one of 3.. i tend to think it is the best one for him, but i could be wrong.. let me know if you want the other times for him..

what we see off this particular chart though is the midheaven at 19 leo 57 - very close to the solar eclipse at 18 leo.. so, the idea that one's position will be further eclipsed does make sense here.. and one can note the position of julians north node/mars is essentially opposite where the upcoming solar eclipse is.. so, i think there is some real merit to the speculation on julian assange here..

the usa/uk as the 2 prime warmongering nations certainly do have an axe to grind with someone responsible for publishing the dirty deeds they were involved in via bradley ( chelsea) manning and etc. etc.. .if anyone wanted to have him and wikileaks shut down and for julian to rot in hell or worse - it would be the uk/usa... the law is a joke with these countries.. it is all about power and nothing about justice of democracy.. that is a complete facade as expressed by the uk and usa in particular..
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 617

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is pretty much impossible to say given unknown birth info. If he is 47, he just entered a 12th house profection and the 12th rules incarceration, and that is all we really know, besides the general planetary placements and aspects. If he has the Mars ruled 12th and has those transits going on with a Mars return with the south node, then all of that seems rather likely he will be imprisoned and regardless of house placement, such a return should indicate something (one of my sisters is going through something similar and just quit her job with no backup - hers is 2nd house and she didn't listen to advice). For certain and for how long seems iffy. If I really cared I would probably ask a horary.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3092
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
the july 22-26 visit is in the eclipse window of time..

thanks tanit,

i had read the book - autobiography on julian.. i can't remember for the basis of the 3pm chart.. i am going to look up adb right now to see the source notes they give.. it is indeed how i recall - from his autobiography..,_Julian

i like how to use the 12 year cycle and get at the profection year! very good!

in the solar arc data - the sun-uranus square has moved along to where it is activating the same sun-uranus square by solar arc.. uranus rules the 4th - or not but sun in cancer in square to uranus might imply a change in residence here... the jupiter return happens late this year - a bit prior to his 48th birthday... this is another way of thinking of the 12 year profection cycle - as a jupiter cycle - given the fact it is the same approx 12 year cycle.. jupiter transiting it's own place, which with the 3pm time - also includes the ascendant in early sag - would be a very fortuitous transit and return in itself.. actually his jupiter is in late scorpio and it's return is on oct 27th this year... the transit of jupiter to his ascendant is shortly thereafter...

i do believe regardless of his time of birth, the eclipse cycle on the mars/south node conjunction is important here and again - using the 3pm time this mars/south node is in the 4th house.. i think this is fitting given his isolation in the equador embassy in the uk and the fact the uk seems especially hostile to him - that 4th house mars seems fitting..

also, using the 3pm time, i note the solar return for july 2nd has sun in the 4th house in opposition to saturn/midheaven conjunction at 5 cap - so again - the theme of home - 4th house - in a very challenged place here with the opposition to saturn/midheaven in cap.. incidentally - the uk is very much a capricorn ruled country, so that is fitting as well..

we'll see how it shakes out here..

solar return off the 3pm time back to birthplace directly below.
.. fwiw - the sr 2018 angles using london are 27 libra rising with 6 leo on the midheaven - south node/mars conjunction is placed in the 4th, as it is in the 3pm chart for his birth..

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