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Planets changing direction by progression

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Joined: 16 Feb 2010
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Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:28 pm    Post subject: Planets changing direction by progression Reply with quote


In my natal chart I have both Jupiter and Saturn retrograde. I know many people have those planets retrograde because of their long time retrograde periods. And I guess that's also why it might be significant if those planets turn direct by progression

Jupiter is my 7th house lord (24°Sagittarius) and is in my natal 10th house in Pisces 7°

I will be 56 next month, so I have had some Jupiter transits conjunct my DC. But it's only been a few years now that Jupiter by progression has stationed to go direct. It's now in direct motion in my progressed chart at 2°49 Pisces

I've learned that a natal retrograde Jupiter cannot deliver what it promises in the natal chart. Or it does, but later fails to deliver. I have been married once in 1986 and this marriage ended in divorce in 1994.

Now I have an upcoming transit of Jupiter to my DC in 2019 and it will remain stationary for about one month (april 2019) on the exact same degree as my DC 24° Sagittarius. It will retrograde back into my 6th house and again cross the DC in november 2019

Both previous times I had Jupiter crossing the DC, it crossed only once, didn't retrograde back and forth. Both times a relationship started which ended as soon as the transit passed, or Jupiter moved into my 8th house.

Now my question is what the difference will be now that the transit lasts for such a long time and if I the change of direction by progressed Jupiter will make a difference. For instance...if a new relationship would come into my life. Will Jupiter act better now that he's no longer retrograde by progression ? Or will the natal retrograde still be stronger and another relationship will start but end again soon.

I am currently in a complicated relationship with a foreigner of a totally different culture. This would match the natal 'promise' in my chart as to a long term relationship. But the relationship now is under a lot of pressure and is on hold.

Progressed Moon will conjunct my DC also in 2019, that's why I think this Jupiter transit might be more important than the same transits in the past.

Does someone have an idea of how to interpret the transit in combination with the progressed Jupiter having changed from retrograde to direct motion?

Same goes for Saturn by the way...a few years back he changed from retrograde to direct motion. So during all my life he hasn't moved much. He's always been in Aquarius 5° in my 9th house. He's lord of my 8th house
In my progessed chart however he's been conjunct the progressed DC for a while, just about when I met my current partner.
And just like a Saturn transit on the DC, it tells the story right. My partner is younger than me and is not really free. But that's a too long and private story to tell on a forum.
The progressed DC has since moved away to 8°Aquarius.

I try to interpret transits by the grid method of Bernadette Brady. so the Jupiter transit conjunct DC will have an effect on my 7th and 10th house.

I kind of hope to have a committed relationship with the foreign man I met in 2014. We run a business together by the way. So relationships have always been work related for me, except for my first marriage.

Thank you for helping me out. I am still learning astrology and different methods. I also learn traditional astrology and time lord systems.
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Joined: 21 Jun 2006
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Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tried to reply, something wrong.
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