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Hurricanes and the Great American Eclipse

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Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:45 pm    Post subject: Hurricanes and the Great American Eclipse Reply with quote


I would like to preface this by saying this is the first time I’ve ever attempted this kind of analysis and that I know next to nothing about mundane astrology or eclipses or astro-meteorology except what I‘ve read in the past few days. All feedback appreciated.


As the remnants of Hurricane Harvey passed over Halifax, NS on the 3rd and 4th of September 2017, I decided to look up the astrology of weather related events in preparation for casting a horary chart on whether a major storm would impact the city directly. Hurricanes at Halifax within current memory include Juan, Earl, Bill, Noel and Andrea.

One of the articles I accessed was Bombs & Floods by Ken Gillman and this prompted me to look at the chart of the 21 Aug 2017 solar eclipse in the USA.

I also read Kim Farnell’s A Basic Guide to Astro-Meteorology. All information in blue is from this article.

All house designations, except where noted, are from Deborah Houlding’s webpages House Rulerships in Practice.

Bombs and Floods:

A Basic Guide to Astro-Meteorology:

House Rulerships in Practice:

In analyzing this chart I have used a variety of techniques and sources; specifically, I have not strictly adhered to the techniques of astro-meteorology.

I have used Hurricane Harvey as my example but I believe this chart predicts significant weather occurrences for the period that would be covered by the eclipse.


What is a hurricane?

Hurricane: a cyclonic weather system characterized by low barometric pressure, high sustained winds, and often torrential rain. The lower the barometric pressure the greater the size, intensity and damaging effects of the storm.

The history of Hurricane Harvey can be read here:



8th house (loss, anguish)

Venus in Cancer in 8 at the same degree as the Nodes.

Bernadette Brady, The Eagle and the Lark, page 245:

“If any planet at the time of the return is in the same degree as the Node, then that planet will be acutely emphasized throughout the period of that return.”

I hadn’t intended to look at the eclipse like a return chart but this statement by Dr. Brady immediately came to mind.

Venus (term): a warm moist influence tending to lower the barometer. Venus is disposed by the Moon which rules the 8th house.

9th house (weather along the coast & hazards from natural phenomena) *

* Anthony Louis, Horary Astrology (1991), pages 496 & 456

Moon (peregrine, cazimi): wettest of all the planets and because of cazimi, “wonderous strong” (William Lilly, Christian Astrology, page 300).

The Moon, of course, is eclipsing the Sun in the 9th house and is disposed by it.

Sun (domicile, triplicity, joy): Primarily gives a more marked effect when mutually aspecting planets also aspect the Sun in combination with the Moon, in which case it gives extreme weather conditions.

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct the North Node and Mars (both in 9) which are disposed by the Sun.

Mars (face): acute heat, extreme if combined with other violent planets. The conjunction of Mars, Sun and Moon, I believe, refers to not only to the atmospheric temperature but the ocean temperature as well. Warm water is “jet fuel” to a hurricane, as the storm picks up more water, the system grows and intensifies; the warmer the water the quicker the storm builds. If the hurricane runs into cold water it loses power.

The ocean temperature of the Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia, 2500 km north of the Gulf of Mexico, is at a record high already this year.

Most of the planets in 9 are in Leo.

Leo: …the most “still” sign - part of the reason for the tremendous flooding in Texas was the fact that Harvey became stationary for a time while dropping record amounts of rain.

The Sun and the Moon are also conjunct Mercury in 9.

Mercury (domicile, exaltation, retrograde): Gentle breezes to hurricane-force winds can be found under Mercury’s domain. …more rain when retrograde. In season, the Sun-Mercury conjunctions often coincide with the formation of tropical storm systems and hurricanes.

5th house (stock market)

Uranus: …record breaker, unexpected changes, reversals, unstable, lightning, squalls. …very high wind velocities can be found under its influence as well. I think Uranus could allude to the sudden influence on the stock market as gas/oil prices rose in the aftermath of the storm. Anthony Louis (Horary Astrology, 1991, page 458) uses Uranus as a signification for hurricanes.

1st house (weather angle)

Saturn (term, face, retrograde): …wet, long lasting, extended gloom, stubborn and determined. Storms or low-pressure systems engendered under Saturn are more prolonged and widespread. This is another indicator of size and impact of Harvey and the fact that it stalled over Texas.

I have ignored the cooling effects of both Uranus and Saturn and the emphasis on high barometric pressure of Uranus. I think the 9th house stellium overrides all other concerns in the chart because of the eclipse.

Temperature-wise, there is tremendous heat in this chart, with an overwhelming emphasis on fiery planets, fire signs, fire houses (1,5,9) and Jupiter, itself warming, and in the Via Combusta, “the fiery way“, ruling the weather angles. My impression is that the planets in 9 forecast the main event(s) and that other influences are less important or tell a different part of the story.

2nd house (resources)

Pluto: …violent extremes, severe and intense depending on other chart indications. Pluto is in the second house, ruled by Saturn, alluding to the great degree of damage and financial loss wrought by Harvey.

4th house (weather angle)

This angle is ruled by Jupiter, as well as Neptune in modern astrology.
Neptune on the IC has been associated with great floods. (Ken Gillman, Bombs and Floods, Skyscript) In this chart Neptune is close to the IC but not conjunct and is in retrograde motion away from it. It is, however, in a close trine with the cusp of the unfortunate 12th house. Scorpio is on the cusp of 12, with ruler Mars in 9.

3rd house (communication, transportation)

Neptune (domicile): …peculiar, freakish weather events, flooding. Neptune’s power lies in its ability to lower the barometer and provoke torrential downpours and flooding conditions. Communication and transportation infrastructure are generally the most immediate casualties of extreme weather. As well, Anthony Louis uses the 3rd house to describe the effects of storms. (Horary Astrology, 1991, page 488)

12th house (sorrow, calamity)

Scorpio: extremes, really wet/dry, or hot/cold, con/destructive; oppressive. This sign intensifies the action of the rest of the chart. Never fails to bring an extreme. Both Neptune and Pisces have an analogy to the 12th house. Another consideration post-storm is pestilence, Scorpio describing insects and other creepy-crawlies and the 12th house describes large animals. Gators, anyone?

6th house (climate as distinct from weather) *

* Anthony Louis, Horary Astrology, 1991, page 438

Venus, disposed by the Moon, in mutual reception with and squaring Jupiter, rules the 6th, the house of climate. I think this refers to the possibility that this severe weather is the result of climate change ie: global warming.

11th house (good fortune)

Jupiter (face): rules “the weather angles”, the ASC and the IC. Jupiter is in its joy in 11 and is within five degrees of Spica. It is disposed by Venus and is in mixed mutual reception with her. Jupiter raises temperature. As well, Jupiter adds an influence of excess.

Jupiter’s placement seems very strange. How can such a placement have anything to do with a destructive event of this magnitude?

This strange 11th house emphasis puzzled me recently when I was looking at the chart for a missing person, which was cast for the time the person last called for help. It was obvious the person was trapped (and he did not survive), but the significators showing this were placed in 11, which seemed very odd for a tragic event.

The conclusion that I drew from this was his death was not in vain, that the circumstances surrounding it would prompt action to ensure that something similar wouldn’t happen to someone else.

I’m going to draw the same conclusion here. If being battered by major storms is what it takes for some governments to finally agree that global warming is an actual threat, then some greater good will have come of this tragedy. This is the allusion that I think Jupiter could be making.

As well, the 11th house refers to humanitarian efforts, and the tremendous heroics shown by average people in the wake of the storm are testament to this; racial and socio-economic barriers crumbled as people sought to help one another.

Unfortunately there is also the malevolent Neptune/12th house aspect, describing how stores in some areas raised the price of water and gasoline to ridiculous levels - neighbours taking advantage of the misfortune of their neighbours. Let’s hope that Jupiter, being more elevated and well-placed, has a stronger influence.


Conjunctions…are considered the most powerful aspect of all.
The square and opposition are considered to be storm breeders. Even Venus and Jupiter can produce severe weather when harshly aspected…

The conjunctions (Sun-Moon, Sun-Mercury) have already been noted. The tightest of the harsh aspects are Pluto square Jupiter square Venus square Uranus. As well, Neptune opposes Mercury.


In summary, I think the Great American Eclipse, in part, was/is warning us about the potential for devastating storms this hurricane season and where their impact may lie. In my opinion, the condition of the 9th house forecasts the storms and the emphasis on the 3rd and 12th houses confirms the potential devastation. As Hurricanes Irma and Jose churn their way through the Gulf of Mexico we can only hope that we, as human beings and governments, learn from these experiences and take action to prevent further crises.


I cast the horary chart “Will a hurricane hit Halifax directly?”. The ASC is very early: 1* 44’. Too soon to tell.
The Moon is opposing Jupiter. Don't get involved, it's their problem. Jim Critchfield
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