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A Top Down Rolling Mundane Analysis till late October !!

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 245

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:04 pm    Post subject: A Top Down Rolling Mundane Analysis till late October !! Reply with quote


We are entering a cwazy few months now. Here's my High Level Mundane Rolling Analysis till latish Oct.

Careful analysis suggests the ONLY Way is Down NOW for Geopolitical Issues and for the Financial Markets ...

The following is derived ONLY from Star Gazing. Of course as I write we’ve got the North Korean tension and Trump under Grand Jury investigation.

I advised a friend to close his VIX and Gold positions late on Thursday. I slightly over egged the +VE that Jupiter sextile r.Saturn will bring these next few weeks.


[In this case I've got Saturn transiting many sensitive points and I hadn't been paying too much attention to my own thoughts. I let another's opinion over ride my own].

I’ll strongly urge him to reopen LONG VIX, Gold, Silver and SHORT Main Indices such as the EU Stokks 50. The FTSE too and the Nikkaj but you could get burnt there if the Korean situation calms.

I’ll be standing by my Bed at 23.00hrs Sunday 13th August to catch the Futures.

Basically till latish in October this year things look terribly –VE. I can hardly see any +VEs. Uranus trine the Solar Eclipse is about it. And a Sun trine Pluto in Sept.

Trump also personally is having a Nightmare Astrologically. And much has been written about the Solar Eclipse of the 21st August and the mostly -VE activations that come quickly after it.

Even tomorrow t.Mars crosses the latest Eclipse Point.

Here is the list of the Technical troubles ahead.

Mercury retrograde 13th August – an increase in Volatility as we go into Stupid Mode for three weeks.

Sun trine SD Saturn 13th August – very strong feelings of “Holier Than Though.”

Mars trine SD Saturn 21st August – more “Holier Than Though” I’d say this a Neutral Energy due to Saturn’s power in SD.

Mars/ Leo 150° r.Pluto/ Capricorn 16th August – a very aggressive War Mode.

Sun conjunction the Node 16th August – The Sun Eclipsed.

Venus oppositions r.Pluto 16th August – NOT good for those looking for a Feel Good. This a Feel Bad moment.

Neptune is separating from Pluto – the Bull Trap doors are opening.

Mars conjunction the Node 26th August – a very nasty –VE energy often associated with Extreme Violence.

Mercury combust the Sun 26th August – Markets don’t like this one as it is the Collective Breakdown energy.

Other –VEs are Saturn SD and Jupiter Setting. Jupiter “drops” into Fearful Scorpio around the 10th Sept too.

[Sun trine Pluto 5th – 9th Sept – is a +VE or about the ONLY +VE].

I’d say the Main Markets could be as much as 20% lower, and although we’ll get a Merkel win in late Sept I’d say we could Crash proper after that.

What Goes around Comes around.


PS Please note I hold up my hands to the fact that sometimes I flip and flop, or just get things wrong.

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 245

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well it was late in delivery but I fully expect something nasty to happen as Rising Mars in Leo inconjuncted r.Pluto in Capricorn. And further, the Sun being Eclipsed by the Node, Venus inconjuncted r.Saturn SD all had tension and nastiness written all over them.

I wonder how we could have pinpointed that more accurately to Spain?

Moving on the next nasty I see is when said Mars conjuncts the Node. This usually brings something bad. And I read today that next week the USA and South Korea conduct military exercises. The maximum tension then comes around the period 25th - 27th August.

Then Rising t.Mars conjuncts Trump's Mars/ Ascendant. He's already corned by SD Saturn sitting on his intercepted Moon South Node combo.

29th - 31st Aug he'll lash out you'd imagine.

Further, as written before by many Mars and Mercury conjunct over the Eclipse Point 2nd - 4th Sept.

Both around the weekend which avoids direct Market stresses.

All the time Radical Uranus is encouraging Rebellious Change.

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