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Correlation: Journal of Research into Astrology


Correlation: Journal of Research into Astrology

Correlation: Journal of Research into Astrology First editor (1981)Simon T. Best, M.A. (Psychology)
Current editor (2012)Pat A. Harris, PhD (Health Psychology)
ThemeAstrological research
First issueJune 1981
PublisherAstrological Association of Great Britain
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Correlation , published by the Astrological Association of Great Britain, is the leading journal for articles relating to astrological research, whether critical or supportive of astrological principles. A research bulletin under the name 'Correlation' was first published by the AA in the Autumn of 1968 and ran until the summer of 1970 (eight volumes). This was edited by Fleming Lee, who was responsible for choosing the name. Correlation was re-launched as a more formal journal with the help of Charles Harvey in 1981, with Simon Best acting as editor - it is the first issue of this journal (vol. 1, no.1), that has been reproduced here.

With its republication Correlation aimed to restore balance to the October 1975 Humanist Journal's published statement (signed by 186 scientists) that there is no scientific evidence for any of astrology's propositions. To demonstrate that too much had been made of 186 signatures of the 300 scientists asked to sign the Humanist statement, few of whom had made any detailed examination of the subject, Correlation re-printed a list of 187 scientifically qualified people who signed a subsequent counter-statement (first published in the May/June 1976 issue of the Aquarian Agent, New York, USA). This statement concluded as follows:

It seems quite possible that much of what is written about astrology is of questionable value, but to dismiss the whole field without any careful investigation seems to be an unscientific action. We hope that scientific method will be used to test the claims of astrology. Science feels superior to the church fathers who refused to look through Galileo's telescope. Let us not be guilty of the same blindness.

Correlation has now been in print for over 30 years, reporting on empirical research into astrology, discussing methodological, conceptual and philosophical issues relating to astrology, and offering reviews of books and articles connected to its theme. Its remit accords with the standard academic requirements that all submissions are peer-reviewed by suitably qualified experts in relevant fields.

The current editor of Correlation is Dr. Pat A. Harris, who was awarded a PhD in the application of astrology to health psychology, in July 2007, by Southamption University, UK. Pat is the first astrologer to succeed in applying quantitative research methods at PhD level to astrology applied to one of the social sciences, in this case health psychology. Her rigorously conducted research delivered a significant link between astrology and fertility treatment outcome. Pat is also Deputy Convenor of the Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA) which considers funding for research fellowships and also at Master's and PhD level. For more details on this see the RGCSA website

Abstracts from papers in the earlier volumes of the original edition of Correlation are available on the RGCSA free access database (as are all abstracts for all the later editions from 1981), and photocopies of material from the very early first eight volumes can be purchased there. Also see: for information on all volumes and all issues covering 1968 to 1970 and 1981 to date.

For more details on how to subscribe to Correlation see the Astrological Association of Great Britain's at page on this publication.

© The reproduction is made available only for private, non-commercial use. Published online March 2012.

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