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20 Brightest Stars

The general rule is, the brighter the star, the more astrological significance it has. As the brightest stars in the sky, all of the following have the potential to greatly magnify the prospects for success or misfortune when triggered by directions or transits, or when they are senstively placed in the nativity. In order to understand the meaning of any star, it is best to first consider the influence of the constellation it is associated with.

Name Longitude Constellation Nature Mag. Position Lat. Dec.
1. Sirius 14 Cn. 05 Canis Major Jupiter/ Mars -1.4 Mouth of Dog 40S 17S
  The nature of Sirius is elevating and activating. If well placed it can indicate great wealth and high position, but the star can be a volatile influence and if afflicted suggests anger, danger or intemperance. See: Canis Major

2. Canopus 14 Ca. 58 Argo Saturn / Jupiter -0.7 Oar in keel 76S 53S
  Now part of the modern constellation Carina, Canopus is a southern hemisphere star which never rises above 37N latitude. It is linked to navigational matters and voyages, and has a symbolic association with spiritual guidance for 'journeys of the soul'. Generally a favourable star, said to bring authority, a good reputation and wealth. See: Argo

3. Arcturus 24 Li. 14 Bootes Jupiter / Mars -0.0 v. Left knee 31N 19N
  Reputed to bring stormy weather with its rising. Offers the potential for increase in wealth and honour, but can be intemperate and inclined towards conflict. Associated with a strong drive, perseverance and loyalty. See Bootes

4. Bungula 29 Sc. 30 Centaur Venus/ Jupiter -0.0 Left front hoof 43S 61S
  The nearest (visible) star to our solar system. Never rises north of 29N. Generally said to have a beneficial influence, but afflicted it can show emotional disturbance or dissatisfaction which puts a strain upon relationships. Often association with horses. See Centaur

5. Rigel 16 Ge. 50 Orion Jupiter / Saturn 0.1 Left knee 31S 8S
  Famed for giving inventiveness, honour and leaderships skills, but accompanied by hard work, responsibility and continued application and anxiety. See Orion

6. Capella 21 Ge. 55 Auriga Mars / Mercury 0.2 Body of Goat 23N 46N
  Noted for an association with floods and storms. Generally a fortunate star that suggests a nurturing nature. It has an excellent reputation in matters of learning, studiousness and research. But it is also associated with timidity, nervousness and anxiety. See Auriga

7. Wega 15 Cp. 19 Lyra Venus / Mercury 0.3 Top of Harp 62N 39N
  Anciently called it the Harp star, Wega is generally considered favourable and is noted for bestowing artistic talent, idealism and refinement. When favourably placed upon the angles it is said to promise great success, wealth and fame linked to music or the arts. But it also has a reputation for pretentiousness, debauchery and wasted energies when afflicted. See Lyra

8. Procyon 25 Cn. 47 Canis Minor Mercury/ Mars 0.3 Dog's throat 16S 5N
  Like all brilliant stars, can portend wealth, honour and renown when well placed, but also known for producing rash tempers and can be volatile. It suggests quick reactions, high energy and an adventurous (often impetuous) nature. See Canis Minor

9. Achernar 15 Pi. 19 Eridanus Venus/ Mercury 0.5 Mouth of Fish 21S 30S
  Never rises north of 36N. Connected to moral principles and reported to have a beneficial influence that offers success in public office and matters connected to religion. It's influence is also connected to rivers and streams, giving it an association with floods, drowning, aquatic life, trade and travel. See Eridanus

10. Betelgeuze 28 Ge. 45 Orion Mars / Mercury 0.6 v Right shoulder 16S 7N
  Reputed to convey martial honours. Well placed it promises victory in conflicts, and fortune and wealth acquired through sharp intuitive perception and quick wit. When unfortunately located it is volatile in its influence and can show aggressiveness and unpredictability. See Orion

11. Antares 9 Sa. 46 Scorpio Mars/ Jupiter 1.0 Heart of Scorpion 05S 26S
  A fiery red star that lies in opposition to Aldebaran. The name means 'similar to' or 'rival of' Mars, because both are of a similar colour and luminosity. Offers extremes of success, good fortune, danger and malevolence. Gives potential for great power, but can also indicate destruction through being rash and head-strong. See Scorpio

12. Acrux 11 Sc. 52 Crux Venus/ Jupiter 1.3 Base of cross 53S 63S
  Never rises north of 30N. Principal star of the constellation of the cross, associated with religion, justice and occultism. Offers a danger of wounds or accidents, and can show heavy responsibilities and suffering associated with personal sacrifice. Can also indicate areas of conflict and pressure, where opposing forces need to be reconciled. See Crux

13. Pollux 23 Cn. 13 Gemini Mars 1.1 Head of S. Twin 07N 28N
  Pollux, a fiery red star, offers strength and ferocity. It denotes a spirited nature which inclines towards rashness and a love of sport. Considered beneficial when well placed, but unfortunately placed it can bring sickness, great upset, violence and trouble. See Gemini

14. Aldebaran 09 Ge. 47 Taurus Mars 0.8 v S. Eye of Bull 05S 17N
  Another red star, traditionally known as 'the Torch'. Its influence is likened to Mars and it is said to give courage, great physical strength, success in battles or conflicts, and rises that follow heroism or the demonstration of enterprise. If afflicted it can be very unfortunate, suggesting danger, violence and an intemperate spirit. See Taurus

15. Agena 23 Sc. 48 Centaur Venus/ Jupiter 0.6 Right Foreleg 44S 60S
  Never rises north of 32N. Said to offer affinity with horses and the healing art (in particular applied to animals), medicines and poisons. Suggests a need to overcome negative conditioning in order to assume maturity, often with a painful acceptance of responsibility which enforces the loss of innocence. When well placed, it brings health, honour and strong sense of morality. See Centaur

16. Altair 01 Aq. 46 Aquila Mars/Jupiter 0.7 Eagle's breast 29N 09N
  The name means 'The Eagle'. Offers boldness, confidence, and perseverance but suggests aggression, ruthlessness and the potential for bloodshed when afflicted. Lunar contacts show marriage and childbirth. Can bring great, unexpected success, though this is not guaranteed to last. See Aquila

17. Fomalhaut 03 Pi. 52 Pisces Australis Venus/ Mercury 1.2 Mouth of Fish 21S 30S
  Generally considered beneficial and associated with eminence, fortune, and power, but if afflicted has the potential to portend disaster. Often linked with a destiny towards occult or religious and offers success for scientists and writers. See Pisces Australis

18. Spica 23 Li. 50 Virgo Venus/ Mars 1.0 Ear of corn 02S 11S
  Has a reputation of being unfruitful or unfortunate for marriage, but otherwise considered one of the most fortunate stars, particularly for those concerned with arts, sciences, public office, law or religion. Can give great, unexpected success, and favours inventiveness and the mercurial arts. See Virgo

19. Deneb Aldige 05 Pi. 20 Cygnus Venus/ Mercury 1.3 Tail of Swan 60N 45N
  Strongly associated with the arts, but also shows skills in the sciences, being reputed to offer ingenuity and a flair for learning or knowledge. Also connected with romance and love, but it brings danger or losses when emotions run riot or when love is principally founded upon lust. See Cygnus

20. Regulus 29 Le. 50 Leo Jupiter/Mars 1.4 Heart of Lion 00N 12N
  The name means King and this star is often taken as a symbol for glory and power. Generally regarded as a beneficial star promising success and good fortune. Well placed it gives a generous and magnanimous disposition with ambition and the desire to rule, but afflicted it can show an autocratic will and an unyielding fixidity of purpose. Connected to matters of high status and leadership. See Leo

The rankings vary from time to time due to some stars being variable. For example, only when Arturus is at its brightest (-0.04) does it outshine Bungula (-0.03) to become the third brightest star in the sky. There are also variations in recorded values so some lists may differ slightly from the above.

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